Thursday, April 10, 2008

For Jill

Ikea sucks now, don' it.


Anonymous said...

For me??? Wittle ole me? You shouldn't have, I am blushing. :)

LOL! Cute film! A few things:
- I am totally getting that mortal and pestal (at IKEA *wink*)
- That black and white striped apron with the giant red bow; toally mine. I am making that for my new 'dream kitchen'
- I beg to differ with the announcer; creating a kitchen is not the 'logical arrangement of 3 major appliances'. It is cramming everything into the itty bitty space and hope the electrical was spliced properly
- I need a sink under my window; how else am I going to snoop on my neighbors?
- Lastly, if Rickard and I can make it thourgh this thing without killing one another, we will dance too. :)

Are you still going with IKEA? We decided not too because it is entirely too far away and the sales tax.

Yea, we are cheap link that. LOL

Lyvvie said...

I knew you'd love that. but you must remember: Chicken!!

Each house I've redone (This will be number three) I've moved the sink away from the window to make it counter space. I hate dishes and have yet to get a dishwasher of my own, so for the viewing pleasure, I'd rather be kneading bread, mixing stuff in a bowl or reading. Not slopping in the damned sink. the last kitchen had a five foot high window in front of the sink (top floor, awesome views) so I yoinked out the sink and made that the dining area.

Funny thing is though, I've had to defend that move each time we've put property up for sale. Eventually someone agrees.

Brother Grimm said...

Dig it!