Monday, April 28, 2008

Discombobulated Kerfuffling fuckabout.

Yeah that's me. Currently my head is in creative overdrive. I don't know what's flicked the switch but I'm writing and I'm in creative food creation mode as well. I've spent hours trawling bento box websites, and flickr pics to find inspiration on getting my kids into the bento lunch trend. They are rather excited about it so perhaps I'm contagious.

I sent Sassy-face away with her first properly made bento this morning. It contained less Japanese focussed foods - not that she minds Japanese food, she loves Japanese food - and more typical lunch items with a twist. Like I made ham, cheese and red pepper sushi rolls and a hard boiled egg that I cracked the shell of and soaked in red food dye to give it a marbled look. To be honest it looked like a bloodshot eyeball which she Loved! She even ate the yolk which she normally throws away. Along with a box of raisins, some spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, carrot shapes and a babybel cheese. She's just psyched to eat the egg-eye in front of her friends. She's like that.

I'm wanting to get some good bento recipes under my belt and into habit. Things like mini quiches (egg and tofu types), mini muffins, mini meat and veg cakes that can be eaten cold, meatballs of various concoctions. The best part of this is it plays into my money saving venture seeing as groceries have skyrocketed in price, and the school lunches have just gone up in price too. It's getting expensive to eat - unless you eat rubbish. Anything that will make you fat, ill and unhealthy is still cheap. Loaded full of chemicals. I think it's a plot to eradicate the poor. Damn them to a chemically induced, fat laden, sugar addicted early death. Don't Become A Victim! So anyway, apart from the mild paranoia, I've been recipe hunting for things I can make into miniature and can be eaten cold.

I haven't read anything this week which is a disappointment even to me. I was waiting around for the Nora Roberts books to come from the the other libraries and they're still not here. I went into the library this morning, because I got the time wrong for my Dr's appointment and the calendar on my phone didn't alert me to this fact because I'd let the battery die again. But when in the library I did pick up three books, one was Perfume by Patrick Suskind which I keep reading about on the internet, Sweetmeat by Luke Sutherland which I'd picked up once before and got one chapter in before something distracted me and then it was due back to the library for someone else and a collection of short stories by Neil Gaiman titled Fragile Things.

I've remade my appointment for Thursday. Not looking forward to it because it'll be an internal one and I hate those. I think both areas are going to get looked at. I keep having really really bad painful cramps whenever I have a bowel movement during my period. Drop me to the floor like a sack of potatoes unable to unclench kind of cramps. And they're getting worse. I hope I don't have to poop in a cup or anything, but I know those bum doctors like nothing more than fresh samples. I'll probably be told it's IBS. I'm not prepared for anything worse and don't think my runaway creative mind isn't trying to help me out!


Robin F said...

Hey Lyvvie,

Have you checked out this blog:

She did all kinds of foods in miniature and loves bento boxes too. It is kind of defunct now, but you might enjoy the archives.

Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

I am trying to imagine the conversation with the doc.

Doc : "We need a sample of your errrhmm, sh*t"
You : "You're sh*tting me, right?"
Doc : *Serious face* "Sorry. What did you just say?"
You : "No sh*t!"
Doc : "We do need your sh*t"
You : "Sh*t"

Arrrgghhhh my bored imagination. Heheh

Anonymous said...

It's probably inflammation. Your ute is probably puffy and therefore crowding your poop passage. What the hell do I know, I just said that to make you laugh. Hope it's nothing serious.

Donna said...

Sorry you're not in the pink...hope the Drs visit finds nothing....hughugs

Anonymous said...

I have stuff for you to read! I've just been a slacker and not made it to the post office. Well, I did on tax day, but the line was horrendous, so I left.

But I swear, I'll post your box o' books this week.

Lyvvie said...

Thanks for the link Robin! I spent a couple hours clicking around the site. I've been going to for some vegan bento ideas.

RHSP - I'll try it, let's see how it goes. If they don't laugh, we'll conclude they are soulless demon freaks.

Rox - Whoa - I don't think I like the idea of a puffy ute crowing any of my passages. What's an ute? (quick google) OMG! I have an Indian up my arse!?! *cry*

Thanks Donna, *HUG*

JMC - Yay!! Books are a-coming! I'm all kinds of excited now!!

trinity67 said...

Oh god cramps suck - I'm so sorry to hear that you're not feeling well during that time of the month. I do hope it's sorted quickly and without too much kerfuffle.

As for your fears in bringing the doctor a poop sample, I can relate, somewhat. When one of my cats was having poop problems I had to bring in a fresh sample to the vet's. There were several problems associated with this task:

1. Getting the right poop - As I have two cats I had to be extremely vigilant in getting a poop sample from the correct cat. This involved dashing towards the litter box several times during the day, if I'd heard scratching.
2. Getting the fresh sample to the vet's - this problem can actually be divided into two sections.
2a. Once I had ascertained that the correct kitty had indeed pooped, (oh joy) I placed the poop in a plastic DISPOSABLE container and then placed that in several plastic bags and then placed that in my fridge and if you think THAT'S disgusting, wait until you hear the second part.
2b. I have no car so I had no choice but to take the poop with me to work and then drop it off at the vet's on the way home. This meant putting the several plastic-bagged container in a brown bag and clearly labelling it with my name and then placing the brown bag in the absolute furthest corner of the fridge, at work.

Anyhoo, I hope I haven't disgusted with this...just trying to give you a laugh!

Lyvvie said...

I've been there! And with the extra "Try to get a sample without cat litter on it." You fuckin' find a sample without cat litter on it!

I'll be fine so long as they don't expect a sample on demand. I'll definitely clamp up if they do.

Maja said...

Wow, your lunches sound awesome!

I hope all your insides are okay.

Ree said...

I wish I had thought of hard boiled egg-eyes when Shortman was younger. Maybe he would have eaten them.

Period time. It's the one time I'm actually regular. Sigh.

nipsum said...

How do you do.
I hope to see blog.
Please link to this site.

Lyvvie said...

Maya, the bento culture is great fun. I'm very excited as I've ordered a bunch of bento toys to make the lunches even more fun. I'll do a video of my bento adventures soon.

Ree, I used to be regular. Every morning right after coffee. Still am more of less. It's just when my period comes my body can't figure out which bit to make a cramp on so it does both which is incredibly painful and counterproductive as I'm involuntarily retaining. The bowel and the sphincter have had an argument and can't seem to agree, so it goes to stalemate. Much to my discomfort.

Lyvvie said...

I'm stunned so many people are interested in poop. *LOL*

Overboard said...

Just do a coffee enema.
Then another.
And another.
You'll be sulplised.

Lyvvie said...

You know OB, I'd consider it if I could find a place to hide the paraphernalia. Plus would decaff be ok?

The Yummy Mummy Cooks Gourmet said...

Hey Lyvvie -

I too am a bento box fanatic! I'm sure you've been to Lunch in a Box at That's such a fun bento box site.

I'm trying some new fun "to-go" boxes for the kids when they go to the park with the sitter. You'll have to let me know your favorites so I can copy them.

Personally, I like that you worked your bowel movements into this post. I think that shows what a clever girl you are and really, I never get tired of talking about the poop.

You are a pip. Count me in as a regular reader!