Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You must be having a laugh...

I found this link today on Yahoo news - don't ask why I was there - which tells us the ten eight (couldn't make the ten?) best careers to go for if a stress free life is what you seek. because stress is something that's killing so many. Hating a job, spending 60hour+ a week doing that job we hate and all for a pension we may not live to enjoy enough. Have no fear, there's eight careers to try for that you can even study in your spare time and earn an online degree. What are they?

  • Accountant
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Financial Planner
  • Massage Therapist
  • Pastry Chef
  • Graphic Design
  • Desktop Support
They are having a Laugh! Accountant? In Tax season, are you insane? Hell no. Next?

Preschool teacher...spend my day wiping noses and dealing with tantrums of kids that aren't even mine, I don't think so.

Nursing assistant...that's a nice title for bed stripper, shit wiper and puke cleaner, almost as tantalizing as Preschool Teacher with added bonus of sponge bathing pervy old men. Yikes to the third power.

Financial Planner, well now I could do this one, I did it a wee bit of this when working at the bank but the problem I have is with people who listen to my advice, nod their heads, leave feeling inspired and motivated and then went and did the complete opposite or nothing at all and had the cheek to say my advice was faulty. Not fun.

Ok, next is Massage therapist - big no; having my hands on greased up people doesn't sound fun, plus after standing hunched over someone for an hour I'd be the one needing a massage.

Pastry Chef - The hours are a bitch and granted I'm a morning person but 4am starts don't ever sound fun. Plus - I'd eat the profits. I just would.

Graphic design...sitting on my ass trying to make pictures and sell them doesn't suit my personality very much. I would become embittered.

Last one is Desktop Support. Do you want to answer calls all day and be the person with the condescending voice who has to ask "Is the computer plugged in?" all damned day? Yeah, me neither.

What do you think would be a better list of Stress Free Careers?


Ree said...

Hm. Well, you know, I actually was thinking about this the other day.

1. Um,
2. Let's see,
3. Um,
4. Dog walker?
5. and, um,
6. Stable girl?
7. Blog reader?
8. Retiree (my husband's career)

Maja said...

My mum is a pre-school teacher and trust me, that is a stressful job. Whoever wrote that list has no idea.

Chick said...

I work in graphic design...stress free...not at all....& yay...your ass atrophys in the damn chair too.

NWJR said...

I call BS on that list. Here's mine:

#8 Chocolate taste tester at the Hershey's Factory

#7 Ticket taker at Disney World

#6 Pantyhose model

#5 Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Quality Control Specialist

#4 Living Mannequin

#3 Video Game Tester

#2 This one

#1 Supermodel Suntan Lotion Application Specialist

Anonymous said...

Family dog.