Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What my kids get up to when I'm not around

My kids love the Photobooth program on the Mac. I found these pictures when I went to look at the nightmare that is my hair. Aren't they sweet?

My KidsMy KidsMy Kids
My KidsMy KidsMy Kids


RoxRocks said...

My next computer will be a Mac. I'm just obsessed with the coolness they seem to emit.

Sarah said...

The second photo is amazing and awesome.
Fo' shizzle.

Donna said...

What Fun Photos! Precious children to...Stay happy!hugs

Maja said...

aw cute!!!

Crystal* said...

Blogger is a pain in my arse.


Your babies are BEAUTIFUL!!!

That being said...give me more Lyvvie YouTube.


The Hotfessional said...

How wonderful!