Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Such a pain in the ass!

So I'm rather annoyed with the American Govt. They went and changed the passport applications and rules of application a few weeks ago and never told me about it. So all the forms I researched, printed, organized into poly-pocket folders and post-it noted and was so damned slick and perfect you'd be dead impressed with my attention to details: fucking useless! We still ended up sat in a hot busy office with me refilling in forms and shoving birth certificates, marriage certificates and yes - they even took a photocopy of my blood donors card. I'm not lying!

See, I'm first of all, very, very bad. I let my passport expire about five years ago. I've not made any plans to go anywhere so it never became an issue. But apparently I've left myself in a very vulnerable position by doing so. So I got the finger waggle and stern look from the lady on the other side of the bullet-proof glass. Also, I don't have a driver's license so in all reality: I have no proof of ID. Funny enough, that never stopped the banks from giving me credit cards.

The big new rule they changed in February was that to get Shorty her passport and register her as an American citizen, I must prove that I lived in the USA for five consecutive years, and two of those years must be after the age of fourteen. I'm currently praying that my schools - because I changed high schools in tenth grade - will still have that information on file. So I've spent my morning sending e-mails to the two out of three of the schools (one doesn't have e-mail - how dumb is that?), with fingers crossed, that I'll be able to get my transcripts, and that they'll post them internationally. Actually, I'm hoping that the Consulate will be happy to take printouts, as it would save all of us a ton of grief for them to e-mail the mail and I print it out. But this is the consulate we're talking about. Chance would be a fine thing, as they say.

I seriously hate this kind of shit.

the other annoyance is the woman behind the counter was 100% prepared to assume I knew jack shit and did everything wrong. She said to me "You've obviously not looked at the website" well yes I did, extensively, in December and January when I got all of my paperwork together; it's not my fault the rules changed a few weeks later. She nearly shrieked at me for not filling in the information about my American address - I don't have one! I'm a permanent resident here in the UK. She'd then flip through my passport in an angry manner through the large variety of stamps and visas I've accumulated over the years to find the numbers to prove my statement, with an exaggerated sigh. Not my fault, not my problem.

In the hour we were there, four other families came in to register their births and get passports for their babies, and every one of us got the same spiel. So I'm not alone, and Ms. StroppyPants can eat me.

At least SassyFace's and my passports will be processed. It's just the new info for Shorty that's required. Such a frustration.

I'm positively devouring the Death Note books. The stories are completely awesome. I'm so sad...and yet it's brilliant. The attention to details in the drawings is fabulous. If you like manga or comic books - get this series. It's just Awesome.


Robin F said...

I am so glad we had to register right away when my son was born, that sounds like a huge hassle. At the time I was just glad that I lived so near the consulate, imagine having to go down to London! Although I had to get a visa for my son, who was born in the UK, for it to be legal for him to stay in the country. I am still frustrated that he wasn't automatically a UK citizen at birth!

Donna said...

What a serious pain in the butt!! So sorry about all the hassle...Hopefully things will get worked out and there'll be no more problems! Love to 'ya sweetie!hughugs

Daisy said...

It is easier for me to get a passport than to get a New Jersey driver's license even after I have lived in this state since 1979. Thanks 911.

Sorry about the BS you're being put through.

Roxrocks said...

It's almost like they put the crankiest people in that job, isn't it?

I need a passport. I don't really want one though because that will mean I will be forced to leave the comfort of my home in the woods and go somewhere hot and sticky for a holiday.

Hey! Maybe I could get a job at the passport office! I'd fit right in!

Lyvvie said...

Thanks for the love guys, it means a lot!

I've talked with the three schools I'll need transcripts from; they all want it in writing, and one of them asked me a $5 fee. I told them I live in Scotland, what was I to do, post a fiver in the mail? They said sure. For fuck sake - that was the college prep school too! Sure go ahead and post money, it'll be fine - yeah right! I said "Neither of the other two institutions I've made this request from has charged me a fee." "Well, it's our policy to charge an administration fee." I was going to say something like maybe they should pay you better rather than make you claw back money from dumb admin fees, but figured it would be dumb to piss off the woman who'd be sending my paperwork.

Crystal* said...

I'm rather annoyed with the American Government, too. Let's form a club. lmao

Now I have to have birth certificates for everyone in the family.
Well, lo and behold, all the certificates burned in my house fire. And it's going to cost around $60 to replace all of them.
damn it all to hell
I'm rather sick of the red tape bullshit.

Ree said...

Honey, if there's anything I can do on your behalf, (y'know, being in the States), let me know. I'll be happy to send notes or whatever to whomever needs.


Lyvvie said...

Aw Crystal, that sucks! Won't that be covered under the insurance? Or is it not worth adding it to the list of stuff...or is that business all done and dusted? Either way - a big pain. All the paperwork we did on Tuesday cost us over $300.

Ree, I really appreciate the offer but I've got it under control. You're a real sweetheart to want to help and I hug you lots.

aughra said...

Fuck - blogger just ate my comment. Anyway, good luck!

tornwordo said...

So funny, last time I went to get mine, the lady was all ready to tell me I had done it all wrong and then was surprised that it was correct.

Sarah said...

I hate the American Government too!
Land of opportunity MY ARSE.