Monday, March 03, 2008

Race For Life

It's that time of year again! I'm taking part in the Cancer Research UK's Race For Life which is a 5K race taking part on the 18th of May. Last year with the help of lots of you amazing people and other assorted beloved family members, I was able to raise £160.00. This year I've set a target for £250. It's a big target for one person but I figured if I could get 25 people to sponsor £10 then that's the goal made. How hard could it be to find 25 people willing to pay £10 to put me through a 5K race? I already started the ball rolling myself by putting in £20 - so that means only 23 more folks to give a hand (and a tenner) and it's done! Won't you feel great knowing you sent me out to the street to run myself into a sweating heap? Also, everyone who donates, I'll add your name to my banner which will be proudly plastered across my heaving bosoms. Also - any messages you want me to add - like you helped out in the name your Mom or GrandDad, let me know and I'll add that too.

Cancer Research UK is a brilliant charity that provides funds and equipment to over 4,000 scientists who are striving to find a cure for cancer. They've been doing well at it too,

Cancer Research UK is the world's leading independent organisation dedicated to cancer research. We support research into all aspects of cancer through the work of more than 4,250 scientists, doctors and nurses. Over the past 10 years alone, thousands of lives have been saved through earlier detection and improved treatments. But, much work remains to be done if we are to achieve our aim of beating cancer. Charity Registration No 1089464

Also, they're not stingy with their research, it's shared worldwide. So even in you don't live in the UK, you or someone you love may have benefited from their research efforts already. You can find out all about the charity at their homepage Cancer Research

Of course, all of this will provide some blog fodder as well as I gripe and moan about training. Actually - it's going rather easy, apart from the falling arches. Race-walking is saving my feet though. New sneakers are on their way (My other ones got a hole in them), and I'll soon be able to run with the best of them again. This is personal challenge as well as a way to help one of the best charities going. I ran it last year and felt such an amazing personal high for my own pride in finishing, but also raising the money and having the love and support of so many people.

So if you want to help put me through my paces and raise money for an amazing charity, then offer up a tenner (GBP) and get me running. You can go straight to my donation page via the "JustGiving" window. I only need 23 people to help out. will you, Please (big brown eyes, batting eyelashes)?


Maja said...


Lyvvie said...

You're Awesome! Thanks so much. I'll add your name to the banner. Any messages you want me add?

Kate R said...

but...but...I'm doing this next month only I'm doing it for dollars and not pounds.

I'm even training for it sort of. Otherwise I'd be there for you, babeee

Sarah said...

We have one over here that I'm trying to find out the details for and do.
And sweetie...if I had any cash you know it would be yours (well, theirs) right?!
*empties pockets*
*finds a bobby pin and fluff ball*

Lyvvie said...

No problem Kate and Sarah, but know that I'll support you when you go for your run - so let me know where to send the cash!

Cameron said...

Lyvvie, I just thought I'd let you know I left a longish reply to your comment on my blog over here. Thanks for visiting. I often forget that I have these things all over the place...