Friday, March 28, 2008

News Abounds

There's a lot of interesting things blowing about the internet. News stories that make me thing Wow, oh my and you can't be serious. It's made me realize that there's always something going on somewhere, that the world is vast and yet small. What's caught my attention this week:

Mafia conspiracy cheese!

Darwinist expelled from ID Propaganda flick called "Expelled".

But they accidentally let Richard Dawkins in... And then Myers and Dawkins reminisce.

The Earth is flat and bigger than the Sun. Which, after trying to understand the half iris theory, reminded me of Father Ted's "Those cows are far away."

End Of Term Town Orgy! Yet something else I must talk to my daughters about when they become teenagers - end of term doesn't mean it's ok to have an orgy on the town green.

Miss Bimbo where you can create, dress and sex up and get implants for your own bimbo and become really really popular! (Another thing to talk to my girls about; Bimbo doesn't equal popular in a good way) The website isn't responding, perhaps they were shut down?

I ask myself often and never answer the same twice, but is news and media there to amuse or scare me?


Ree said...

I LOVE the new look Lyvvie. Now I must go read your actual post. ;-)

Crystal* said...

How about the woman who was made to remove her nipple rings before boarding an airplane. And she had to remove one of them with a pair of pliers.
What type of sadistic bullshit is this???

Lyvvie said...

Thanks Ree!!

Chrys - I did see that one and thought no way in hell. Imagine the "My nipples feel naked" feelings she'd have to endure for the duration of her flight!

Maja said...

I love this new template, it's beautiful!

Masquerade said...

I LOVE THIS LAYOUT!!! oh my word, so cool. Gorgeous!!!

MarkFarley said...

Loving the pic. Very Maggie Gyllenhall in Secretary.

I clearly went to the wrong school, we just got egged by the lower years on our last day. I wouldnt have mind knocking one or two of on the village green. xx