Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Daughters will be So Excited!

Dr. Kawashima in schools? Apparently so!

By James Sherwood [More by this author]
17th March 2008 13:35 GMT

A daily 20-minute ‘brain training’ session on the DS Lite appears to help improve kids' learning and behaviour skills, according to research conducted by government educational body Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS).

The organisation recently ran a ten-week trial at Dundee school St Columba's Primary. Children aged between five and six spend the first 20 minutes of every school day playing More Brain Training with Dr Kawashima on the handheld console.

Teachers reported rapid improvements in pupil behaviour, co-operation with other kids and their ability to focus on lessons.
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The study also recorded recognisable improvements in pupils’ mental arithmetic skills, concentration levels, quality of behaviour and ability get on with tasks on their own.

The trial has been so successful that daily sessions with the software may be implemented in other Scottish schools, LTS said.

Although the report’s findings seem positive for children, there’s no official recommendation that adults will get the same benefit by playing the game before work each day. However, it’s another weapon in your armoury of excuses if your boss catches you playing with a DS Lite during working hours... ®

Can you hear the moans "We didn't have DS Lites when I was in school! No we got smart by using our brains!" Oh, it'll be fun to see. I only hope the school provides and doesn't expect me to put up for the cost.


NWJR said...

Why, when I was a kid, all we had were rocks! Rocks...and clay! Yeah, that was it. Rocks and clay. And we not only entertained ourselves, we built a whole damn gymnasium out of those things! Yeah! Rocks and clay!

And we didn't have any of that highfalutin' food, either. We had to milk our own animal if we wanted something to drink! We didn't even have a cow, just a goat..and she didn't have anything to eat either, just scraps of our tattered clothing! And it was cold! Damn cold! Your fingers would nearly freeze milking that damn goat!

Ah, the good old days.

Maja said...

It sounds like school just gets more and more fun these days.