Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Just chatting about my garden, the weather, kids and my new sneakers.

Why does YouTube choose the worst stills to showcase my vlogs?

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NWJR said...

GAAAH! Another one!

You can't continue to do these if you want me to be productive. I hear that lovely voice and that seductive accent, and just float away.

You're a bad influence on me, Lyvvie. Don't make me de-list you.


Snappy said...

Thank you for your comments!! I love reading your blogs (and listening to them too!). Good luck in meeting your goal!

Sarah said...

Dammit! It keeps stopping two seconds in.
I curse at my youtube!

RoxRocks said...

I will stop talking about cinnamon buns when you stop talking about SPRING!!!

(It will be May before our snow is gone.)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Rox... no more Spring pooping in Scotland! We are still under 3 feet of snow in NH. My bulbs will never 'pop' in time for Easter.

to that end...

warm, straight from the oven... sticky and gooey *cinnamon buns*


Donna said...

LOL...I Love the videos!!! (hanging my head in shame for posting about cake)...lolol..I'll try to do better in future post!!NOT.....LOL...Stay warm Sweetheart!!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Love your vlogs, Lyvvie. :)

Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

Cinnamon buns... aren't they irritating? My close friends have been trying to get me one of those to spoil my 'diet'.

They won. I failed badly last week. We shared 9 slices of cakes within 2 dinner dates. Gggggggrrr.