Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Oh Look!

I was just asking for a new book with heavy sigh and lack of motivation to go find one. Such a minefield, and I'm picky. Well, while I was cleaning out my side of the bed - which is a a two foot square bit of carpet space in front of my bedside table that I heap all of my messiess - I found something. Once the pile of shoes, clothes, bags, boxes, needs-to-be-filed mail and clothes (yes, again. A sign that I own way too many cardigans) reaches the height of the bedside table, I must muck in and clear it all. Upon the clearing ceremony, where I found my belt, an assortment of lost socks - all matching the ones in the lost sock bag, was saddened that I squashed my straw garden hat and a receipt for shoes bought in 2003 (don't know where that came from!) I found two Jennifer Crusie books I bought last year when I was having a "What should I read, Hmmm?" mood and decided to read Crusie because Doug kept reviewing her books. So I found Anyone But You and What The Lady Wants. I also have two PDF books to read that I bought a few weeks ago, and the Death Note mangas are freeing up. Husband is getting panicky about finishing his fourth book, as I only bought four. I told him he can bump (stump? I forget but both sound wrong) for the rest of the series if he likes it so much. Is that mean?

Writing this while the kids watch their morning Scooby Doo episode (one show in the morning only if all morning preparations are completed) and there's an advert for Bratz magazine. I despise Bratz. I hate watching and hearing the adverts. I hate the fact they have a cartoon, movie and now a fucking magazine. Have you seen the advert for the magazine? Where a bunch of twelve year olds dress up, wear make-up and re-enact scenes from The Devil Wears Prada? I couldn't even find it to share but it's awful. I cannot understand how women and men (Mothers! Fathers!) can think these are appropriate toys for wee girls. Stilettos? Halter tops? Skirts so short their underpants show? And is anyone else creeped out by the removable feet? It's objectification in the extreme. It makes me think of those fetish feet. And it's not just about changing shoes, either.

This disgust over women/girls being portrayed as hyper sexual objects in order to make profit started when a great friend (who I wish I still was in contact with) introduced me to Ms. magazine and we used to skip right to the end where they had a feature about advertising from around the world. I also saw Jean Kilbourne's film Killing Us Softly (clip is of Killing Us softly 3), which changed my perceptions forever and made me an advertising sleuth who questions everything. So now, as a mother watching how advertisers target my kids I'm extremely sensitive to the dangerous messages they receive. I'm lucky that Sassy-face seems very tuned-out to it all and thinks it's stupid (Vive Les Tom-Boys), but Shorty is the girliest of girlie-girls and I worry she's being very influenced by Bratz, Barbie and whatever else they throw at her. She is puppies, kittens, barettes and sparklie shoes. So, I guess this was a long winded way of saying: I Fucking Hate Bratz Dolls and I don't want to watch their advertising, cartoons, movies or play with their footless freak slapper dolls, and nor do I want my kids exposed to them. Jean Kilborne doesn't like them either.

I don't exactly see how I segued from Jenny Crusie to Bratz dolls but there you go. I wonder what Jenny Crusie thinks about Bratz dolls? Maybe I should ask her?

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Donna said...

I'm with you on the Bratz thing!!! Mindless drival..and so sad...youth robbers!! hughugs