Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I hate being a jerk

My Husband has been on a get fit kick since before Christmas. He asked me to plan a workout for him and I did. I also bought him new running shoes, gym clothes that have dri-fit so he wouldn't get cold in sweat-soaked cotton. He's doing really well. Awesome well. He's running 5K now on the treadmill, pushing his weights. He does this five days a week. He's getting slimmer, and getting really tones. He's so proud of himself, it's awesome to see him excited about the gym.

I'm so damned jealous I could spit.

I'm an awful person! I'm also very supportive and want him to succeed. I also want some success. I want to have it come easy. He says it hurts, I know, I know it hurts. He says it's exhausting, hell I know that too. But damn him and his male metabolism with it's ultra-quick results. I just want to scream FUCK!

So while I choke on my green and eat my turkey breast and abstain from carbs of all kind, and the grumpy angriness begins to settle in - even though I'm not even having wild cravings like I did the last time, nope, not even - I'm still feeling annoyed. I know on one level it's the competitiveness I'm struggling with, and I want to beat him. Beat him at...what exactly? Getting fit?

I really am fucking nuts.

But I know I can do a better 5K time than he can. He'll not ever do a better time than me and if he does, I'm slipping quarters into the soles of his shoes. NO I'm no. *sigh*

I'm so mad at myself, annoyed at him and, well...Damn Damn Damn!!!

He's getting really nice abs and hard arms though so there's a bonus to all of this.

natalie dee


Crystal* said...


Poor Lyvvie.

Damn the man and his metabolism anyway.

Donna said... Never fails!!

Ree said...

Snirk. I have one of those at home, too. ;-)

Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

Yes, I receive the same complaints from my gal pals.

Have you tried including yoga? My gal pal sees a difference in less than a month.

RoxRocks said...

LOL if it makes you feel any better, I'd be feeling the same way. What a pair of bitches huh? lol!

Doug said...

Biologically, you're meant to be all roundish and cushy. If you buffed up all muscular like a guy, YOUR guy would start giving you funny looks. Isn't it enough that you feel fit?

just sayin ;)

Lyvvie said...

I'm just jealous how it's come to him so fast. It took me nearly nine months to get to a fitness level where I'd even want to try to run, and he's cranking out 5K after three months?

I know I'm being unreasonable, he only had 10, maybe 15 lbs to lose whereas I set myself nearly, uhm...a lot more than that. (Ok 90lbs. I was in serious denial) I just keep thinking, If I'd figured it out after being only 15lbs overweight, It wouldn't be so hard. So boohoo pity party on me.

Doug, muscles are round too. But the cushy part? I'm never going to escape it. Funny enough, Sassyface's biggest worry about me losing weight is I won't be comfortable enough to cuddle with. KIDS! It's all about them.

Kay said...

I met a gorgeous Italian man who told me that he likes curvy women... here the term for that kind of pulchritude is "buttery"...

so next time it gets to you just think "delicious, creamy..."

then run up the stairs a bit faster than last time!