Monday, February 18, 2008

Almost done...

I went into work on Friday...wait, back up. I was talking to Husband Friday night before work and told him I anted to quit. I told him how miserable I was, how awful it's become and that I've had enough. He said it was my choice and that he'd be happy to not have me working until midnight anymore. So that was wonderful and I went to work feeling buoyed and a bit better for letting my feeling out a bit. I'm something of a hold it in type. So when I got to work I asked my Team Leader (They never lead teams though, they just do all the jobs a manager would do minus the actual motivation, organization and monitoring of staff teams like you'd expect.) how much notice I needed to give. She said one week. I then knew I better get my letter in that night, or have to come back in an extra night. So when I went on my break I bought a cheap notebook and packet of envelopes (I did go and try and get a piece of paper from the manger's office but their paper is made with holes for three ring binders and I thought it would be obvious I used their own paper to write my notice on; which I thought would be a bit cheeky.) prepared to write out a short letter.

I got up to the break-room to find the manager, team leader, and a couple of the boys there. As I only get a fifteen minute break, I just pulled out my materials, and wrote a short note, put it into the envelope and passed it to my manager. She read it right there and said "I'll come down and talk to you later."

A couple hours later she stops me out on the shop floor, in the middle of the main walkway where everyone was working and asks me why I want to leave. I was dumbstruck for about two seconds before I thought; you want it, you got it. And I listed my reasons in a calm rational voice: I hate the way the warehouse has been reorganized as it makes my job twice as hard, the shop is constantly covered in stock cages which customers hate, there's no proper staff training to ensure that procedures are followed, there's no follow-up on mistakes (of which with a group of part-time college students as staff there are tons because they just want paid and give a crap about anything but a bit of socializing and) and no re-train for consistent errors, that for the 13 months I'd been there I'd never had a performance review but the boys who's been there six months have, I never get feedback on my work, I hate being told I have to have everything done no excuses and then I'm given an incompetent staff member to help me who then gets taken to other jobs that other departments are required to staff; so ultimately get the job done and we'll give you flaccid support. I then said that I'm the kind of person that who knows a job has to be done and I'm fine with doing it and I hate that others don't feel that way nor are encouraged to work that way and that the managers look at those who don't put the effort in as "Their just kids". Sorry, but they get paid the same as me so where's my motivation to do a good job? They put the bulk of the responsibility on the few of us who are used to being responsible, and they would all be 30-50 something mothers. And we're all fed up, but none of them want to complain to the bosses; not because anything bad will happen, but because nothing will happen. So Why Bother?

So I'm rattling off this list, and her eyes grow wider - I'm certain she expected me to say something every other wife who quits says; because of my husband's work/kids' schedules/ family obligations. So She rather regretted her decision to ask me why, where everyone would be able to hear me. She then says to me "I'm interested in hearing more of this and discussing it further so we can look at making improvements. Other staff aren't able to leave when things get tough so it would be a benefit to them." which was a fine enough dig as I've always said I worked because I want to, not because I have to. Then she says "I'm on holiday next week, so I'll have to talk with you another time." "I'm finishing next week. There won't be another time." "But you'll still shop here, right?" <- Can you believe that?! I'm to come in on my time and explain to them why they suck? Business consultants get a fine fee for that kind of service and she wants it from me for free? And I thought I was cheeky!

So this is my last week. I tried doing the barest minimum of Friday but it's impossible for me to be lazy - which is weird as I'm perfectly happy to be lazy in my own home and leave dishes another day or forget to vacuum.

Friday is my last day, and just bring it on. Of course, I am thinking about what I'm going to do next. No good being complacent.

I've spent the weekend reading the first four books of the Death Note manga series. I bought those four for Husband's birthday, and there's twelve in the series. So he's asked me to get him the rest of the books and to not get Metroid Prime 3, which is what he'd asked for originally but is sold out and I've been on back order since Jan 15th. Fine with me, costs the same. they should be here any time this week.

Death Note is about the smartest boy in school, Light, who finds a notebook in the schoolyard one day. It's called the Death Note and has a detailed list of instructions on how to use it to kill people. All you do is write the person's name, time and way they die into the book and it'll come true. Now that Light has the book, it's his. The Death God who dropped it gets to watch and offer tips on it's used...if he feels like it. Death God and Teen Genius, the new dynamic duo. But not.

Light decides that this is a brilliant opportunity to rid the world of evil and violent criminals, so he embarks on a search for the worst offenders in the world, writes their name in the book and begin creating Utopia. The world's police soon realizes that its criminals are dying are dying with suspicious regularity and all with heart attacks. The death toll begins to soar and no one knows how these people are being killed, but it's obvious there's a "Kira" (which is killer in engrish). It's time to call in "L". "L" is a super secret, highly intelligent crime fighter who is unknown to any of the police as he keeps himself under strict anonymity. "L" wants to take on this case with full cooperation from all of the leaders of he different countries' police forces and FBI, NPA, MI5 and Interpol type organizations. They all agree, and "L" is out to catch Kira.

The cat and mouse game gets brilliant with Light and "L" meeting, working together and dodging suspicions. Then Kira does something neither Light of "L" expects; they send taped announcements to a TV station and begins to demand the police allow Kira to carry on with this cleansing of society. It's a surprise to Light, as he didn't send the tapes. There's another Kira, and it turns out this Kira also has a Death Note. She reminds me of Harley Quinn, she really does. And she wants to be Light's new girlfriend. Light was kind enough to kill the man who murdered her parents, so she's devoted. But with a Death Note (and Death God) of her own, how far can he trust her? If he pushes her too far will she write his name in the book?

I'm really enjoying this, and I've never been into comic books before. The thing I like is there's no authorial bend towards who is right or wrong. We aren't lead to believe Light is evil and "L" is good or the either way. They both do things that put innocent people into harm's way, they both have analytical minds that accept losses, they both want to do the right thing as they perceive what's right. Light is a bit of a jerk, and "L" is a bit weird but kind of endearing. Funny how they are both the same age and go to the same university. Yeah; "L" is a genius teen too.

There's also an animated series and they made it into a movie.


NWJR said...

When I quit my job to start my own business, I wrote a short note and gave it to my boss...we sat and talked for about an hour. I liked that guy, but I didn't like the higher-ups. I did my best to not burn any bridges.

Months later, I spotted a few particularly onerous spelling errors (as in, THE NAME OF THE COMPANY IS SPELLED WRONG) on the website I used to administer, and politely passed them on to my former boss, who actually thanked me for the effort. Then, shortly afterwards, I heard some very nasty comments made by the CEO about how I was "jealous" of the work they were doing.

They never got my input again. Fuck 'em.

Good on you for answering the question honestly, Lyvvie. I know good things are in store for you.

Ree said...

Good for you. I'm glad that you told her, and, even with her little dig at you, at least she was willing to listen.

Sylvana said...

Reading this reminded me of MANY of the things that bothered me at all my jobs.
I would always get partnered with the problem people because management knew that I would not tolerate laziness and incompetence. And when the same management came around to comment about my production being lower than normal, I didn't hesitate to lay into them either!

Doesn't it feel good to get all that off your chest? Perhaps this time they will actually listen.

Maja said...

Ha! Screw those dudes at the shop. You already told them all the reasons you quit, what more is there to discuss. If they know what is good for them, they'll create an environment where the employees are comfortable about complaining about conditions, and ask the people who still work there what they want. But like you said, there's no point, because they won't change anyway.

I've been getting the Buffy season 8 comics and Angel - After the Fall (season 6!!). Comics are pretty awesome to read. A picture says a thousand words. And I'm pretty happy to be getting a buffy and angel fix every now and then :)

trinity67 said...

They want you to talk about their inadequacies on your free time?! You know ordinarily I'd say yes because it could help but, given the nature of your unhappiness I think you should tell them to get stuffed.

And I concur with nwjr - good on you for speaking your mind. I admire that quality and at the end of the day you have to be happy with the person staring back in the mirror.

Donna said...

LOL....I should have started HERE!LOL...You DID quit!! Good Girl!!!