Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Well Blow Me Down!

We've had quite the gale storm last night, and it's carried on for most of the morning (No, it's still blowing). Scary stuff. A couple times it sounded like the wind was a huge fist slamming down from above onto our roof, and the windows rattled and the stairs creaked. A couple times the rain on the windows was so fierce I though for sure we'd flooded and it was the ocean lapping the panes instead. No really I did, I got out of bed and checked. Twice. Well it was an excuse to wander about seeing as I couldn't sleep with all that racket going on. Granted it didn't seem to bother anyone else. But even after a herbal tea and (soy)milky drink I was still to awake.

Yesterday I started back to the gym. Slight change in routine though, as instead of going first thing in the morning, I'm going while Shorty is in nursery. I've been nervous about timing, getting to the gym and then back to collect the girls after school, but it went brilliantly yesterday and it seems to be much better suited to my life (And wallet as I'll save £3.40 per visit). I can get blogging and housework done in the morning, take Shorty to school for noontime, and then walk to gym, workout, shower, walk back to school and be there in plenty time before 3pm. I know I shouldn't have worried as the gym is only a twenty minute walk from the school, but timing and being late for things is my biggest anxiety. Well, one of. Maybe it's a quirk?

Gym work was hard, but good yesterday. As I've not been much since the start of November, from leg injury, kids sick and then I was sick, then Christmas. I've lost some muscle strength which isn't too surprising, but the body was really keen to work on the cardio machines. Whoosh! And that was without caffeine! Felt great. I did 40 minutes cardio and then 30 minutes weights - arms definitely weaker, but legs seemed just fine; must be all the squats from "lift with your legs" at work. Back in today, and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed the rain stays away. It's still windy out and I can handle that. I can handle rain too, but rain and wind together and I'll give up to just come back home and vacuum instead. (As it turns out, We got soaked and blown all over the bay while walking back home from school. Curse you Mother Nature and your wicked wind too!)

*Sigh* I'm not into cooking tonight, and yet there's a surplus of stuff in the fridge that demands being cooked ASAP! So I decided to make Clearout Soup! Basically, anything that will go into a soup pot and isn't too past it's sell by date goes in. Tonight it's: Two rashers of smoky bacon, a frozen chicken breast, three carrots, one parsnip (How did I miss one parsnip?), half a bag of chopped curly kale, a tin of sweetcorn, a tin of puy lentils, tin of kidney beans (You expected that didn't you?), two baby leeks, sweet red pepper (capsicum style), one onion, two cloves of garlic, the dregs of a bag of brown rice and Greek soup pasta, a big spoonful of brown rice miso and a ham stock cube. I'll season it later with some paprika, pepper and whatever else takes my fancy. smells awesome, if I do say so myself as my stomach growls. (OH forgot the baby zucchini -must've been trying to run away with the parsnip- and celery stalk)

"Time to Clear the Fridge" soup

Rather glued to the unfolding developments of the Cassie Edward "plagerism" scandal being reported over at SmartBitches.

Husband just phoned to say he'll be late tonite because the bridge is closed due to the wind blowing down a painter's ledge (one of those carriages that rides on the wires way up high) and making a mess all over the place. No one hurt.


Donna said...

Gads Girl! Another good foodie idea! Bet there's things in my 'fridge that I could turn into a "stew"...Thanks for the idea!!

RoxRocks said...

I'm in a soup mood too. I hope the kids are because it's what's for dinner!

It seems to be windy EVERYWHERE in blogland today!

Lyvvie said...

"Beans, beans the musical fruit..."

Sylvana said...

All that cold and wind - perfect weather for hot soup! Yummy!