Friday, January 25, 2008

Pardon me while I walk funny...

I woke up this morning with my crotch on fire. It felt like I had fiberglass knickers on. I've never had such a painful, swollen awful rash in my girlbits like this before*. A Brazilian by Sweeney Todd would've been kinder. And why have I woken up with pants aflame? I've developed an allergy to my tampons**. Yup, just like that. I've had a little bit of irritation in previous months, but not like this. My body has really sent the message this time: I hate these fucking things, get them out!

OK! All right, can we talk about this? What can we do? Well, Girlbits and I went a googling about and found some interesting alternatives. Some weird , something to consider for the future (Don't you love that it contains a bar of chocolate!) and then I found something worth trying. An insertible cup that catches all the flow that I just remove, dump, clean and re-insert? Sounds easy enough and I like that I'll never have to shell out for hygiene products again (Especially as I have to pay TAX on them in the UK what a fucking insult!!), or have to ask Gavin at the gym to open the tampon box. So I've ordered it. Here's hoping it'll be good. I mean, it can't be any more difficult than when I had a diaphragm - which was useless when the Husband insisted on a condom everytime, but it's in the past, in the past.

Whether my Mooncup arrive in any expedient timely fashion I don't know but here's hoping. Hey, have I told you that I'm also getting us girls a Shewee each for when we go to Japan? I don't fancy my chances of peeing in a squat toilet while wearing jeans. I don't wear skirts so it's an essential purse gadget. (ok, really I just want to pee standing up.)

*I had an issue with thrush last year.
**Actually, I think it's just the string.


tornwordo said...

The shewee absorbant pouch is interesting too. Isn't it gonna feel weird with a cup of liquid sloshing around up there?

Lyvvie said...

According to the reviews I've read on Ciao: Nope. My concern is; will it slip out if I cough or sneeze?

Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

oooh this brings back memories when i was in poly. My gal pals will discuss this tampons issues openly with us, THE MEN and the lecturer during our marketing tutorial. It became a case study.Brilliant! LOL.

And my class was the cause of a case study on DUREX. Lecturers loved my class. Gggggrrrrrrrr.

trinity67 said...

Just a thought but what about the organic cotton tampons? I've seen them in the drugstores here in Canada.

Also, I've heard (and I may be wrong) that they put formaldehyde in tampons so, maybe that's why your girl bits are so upset; understandably so if that's the truth.

And I totally hear you on the stupidity in having to pay tax on tampons and pads - I think it's complete rubbish that we should have to pay for this stuff in the first place not mention having to pay tax on it - WTF?!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kiddo!
I popped on for a moment... I used a silimar product for a bit of time and ended up in surgery. The cup holds everything in- but there is a lot of touching of the product to get them in and it is mighty close to areas it shouldn't be and rubs. I ended up with a infection, major scarring and a hindered ability to have kids. Honestly, the best course of action is to stick with a pad. Once you are having problems with internal things, it stays with you. ;)

Lyvvie said...

You!! You have a blog now and Didn't Tell Me?!?! I must pinch you. *pinch*

I love you!

You know J.R., I'm considering just having the whole mechanism yoinked out. I'm not having any more kids so really, what's the point. I see no shame in hysterectomies and think they should be as easily available as breast implants.

I'm allergic to pads too. Short of using actual rags, I'm running out of options...and sea sponge "pearls" are just not the way I want to go.

Bring Back The Red Tent! I say we all get together, sit on hay for a week, get trashed and gossip like hens. It's our right!

Anonymous said...

I haven't had it for very long- just a few days. Still feeling the thing out. ;) Once I get this test out of the way I will be able to devote a bit more time. We will see.
Love you too punkin! When are you coming back for a visit? It has been entirely too long!

RoxRocks said...

I purchased a similar product here in Canada called the Diva Cup. I only tried it for one cycle because I am a spaz and really had a hard time with it. Of course, where my vajayjay is concerned, I'm a bit of a tough sell anyway, but I digress.

As a heads up? Be aware of the slurping sound it makes upon removal. But, it does work like a charm when you can get it in properly. My ladies days are about to start too so maybe I'll try it again this month. I also have sensitivity issues, I think it's normal once one starts to get a bit older, our coochies don't like just any old thing. Don't get a hysterectomy though, your damn bladder might collapse and fall out of your opening and that would be scary! Keep your parts, girl!

God, I've said too much in this comment.

Maja said...

Hmm, how inconvenient your allergy is.