Friday, January 18, 2008

Nick Lowe

What an excellent character impression. I've had this song in my head all Summer and I just think he (the guy the song is about, not Nick Lowe himself) needs a story. He's such a bastard. He doesn't hide what he's doing, and takes pride in destroying the spirit of these women. Again - not Nick Lowe, but the man he's singing about...or as. I don't think Nick Lowe is a dick, but then I've never met him. I did hear him being interviewed on Radio Two with Johnathan Ross and he sounded like a sweetie.

So I'm having a struggle today. Motivation is in the toilet. It's taken me 40 minutes to get dressed this morning, and not because of some injury or wardrobing fog (Those days where you try on everything and it all sucks) but because I don't want to go to the gym, but i must go to the gym. I was at one point sitting on the edge of the bed wearing a t-shirt and wool sweater with gym pants on, a regular bra in one hand, the gym bra in the other and I was completely perplexed about what I was going to do. Do I skip again today (day off yesterday and damn was I sore! Skull Crushers hurt my arms.) and it's raining outside and I'll get wet feet - I Hate Wet Feet! and I sat there arguing with myself. Go and do it and it's done. But it's yucky out and I'm on vacation and I. Don't. Want. To. Tough, go. 40 minutes of hating myself and wanting to hide under big clothes, then trying to motivate myself with gymness wisdom and mentally picturing my lithe self. I currently feel pathetic and mildly motivated to do something about it.

So I'm here, properly dressed for the gym, still considering chickening out, but getting dressed is half the battle. I had a day off yesterday which I slobbed about for most of. Then made sushi with my new sushi roll makers that the Postie brought me - awesome!! Will add pictures later.

Diet is going very well, and being away from work makes a difference. Working with food means constant temptation to eat. Must resist. Will resist. Snacking is under control. I did have a couple squares of Green&Blacks 75% dark chocolate after dinner last night because I was getting crazy sugar cravings. Sucking on the dark chocs really helped. Husband is gyming and dieting too, so it's nice to compare workouts and meals (his side not much as I pack his lunch - isn't he spoiled!) BUT, i have been drinking wine this week. I'm not usually a drinker and yet. the anxiety is there, but no snacking? Erg. I use wine for cooking and usually stopper it and put it in the fridge. Tuesday I accidentally - and I MEAN accidentally - finished the bottle of red I opened for putting into bolognese. As I don't usually drink, I was rather toasted. One glass makes me tipsy, two thirds of a bottle means Toasty Lyvvie. Of course once I realised I'd had too much I was in full panic "What if the house catches on fire and I can't save the kids?" "What if there's an accident and I can't help, or the police come to the door, see me drunk and take my kids away for being an unfit mother?!" In time the adrenaline from all of these terrible scenarios sobered me up some. Wed. and Thurs. I had two glasses of white after dinner. I still hate that foggy-headed slow down feeling alcohol gives. From now on I'll stick to the odd snifter of sherry.

Right. Must get socks and sneakers on next. If I can't find socks...I'm not going to the gym. But as I do the laundry, I know where the socks are. *sigh*


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Find those socks and get to work!

Nick Lowe? Isn't he the Cruel-to-Be-Kind guy?

Ree said...

I tagged you girlfriend!

Ree said...

I actually did go do a workout today. Probably the first time in a month. I got scared when I got on the scale - and unfortunately, rightly so. It wasn't pretty.

I just don't want to buy new pants. That's my motivation for now.

Lyvvie said...

Aye! that's right, he's the Cruel to be Kind guy.

I did end up going to the gym, then woke up Saturday morning with leg muscles seized up and I was walking like a stiff legged cowboy. It's still sore today. That's what weighted lunges do to me; kill my quads and butt in one move. Repeated twenty times each side.

I'll get the MeMe done some time this week!

Lyn Cash said...

You are much stronger physically than I am obviously - lol - but I applaud your gym efforts with a big WHOO HOO.

Love "Cruel To Be Kind".

Donna said...

What's a "gym"??? LOL
You're a Brave Woman!!! lolol

Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

I thought I am the only one with the struggles. I use the weather, tv programmes, my alarm clock, the bus/train route etc as excuses.

We should start comparing notes eh?!