Tuesday, January 29, 2008

If I Don't See It, It's Not There.

I've been doing all right on my diet but the past couple nights I'm getting really hungry around 9pm and then snack until bedtime. My stomach won't stop growling. I need to have better snacks. Plus, all this later night snacking is giving me bad dreams; recurring bad dreams at that! Same dream Saturday night and again last night. I dream I'm standing in a parking lot and I hear a strange noise (probably my Husband snoring) and I look up and see this huge animal flying in the sky. It's not really flying but swimming and I have a disoriented feeling of "Am I underwater?" but no, this thing flies like a dolphin swims. It kind of looks like a dolphin too, crossed with an elephant seal. It's pre-historic, it absolutely stinks of rotten fish and it's being attack by an enormous flock of seagulls and crows. It's screaming and flying, and diving - it's also about the size of a bus. That's where it ended on Saturday.

Last night I first dreampt (Always wonder of that's a proper word, some dictionaries say yes, some no) That I was at this castle on a private island and it was owned by John Lithgow and he was insane. Antonio Banderas was there too in his younger self, and some other woman who I didn't pay any attention too. John was trying to bring about the destrustion of the island, but hello, we're still on it! He didn't care. Evidently the island was on a fault line, and the volcano was collapsing and the entire island was being swallowed up into a giant, swirling lava sinkhole that was sucking land and ocean away in it. But Antonio found a boat and we managed to escape, even tried to save John but he was mad-insane and wanted to go down with his island. Then I flashed back to the parking lot and the giant grey dolphin beast swimming for its life from the hoards of seagulls. (Was Husband snoring again? Must have been because he was with me this time) only this time it crashed down into the parking lot. It was stunned for a bit but we tried to steal a peek at it. And then it saw us. Then we saw it had big, sharp teeth. Then we though "Oh Shit!". Then we thought we should get the fuck outta here. It fixed its green slit snakeish eyes on us, got up and started coming for us, swatting seagulls as it stalked. I woke up then. Gave my head a shake and went to the toilet. No more late night snacks for me! Between John Lithgow, sinking lava pits of death and prehistoric flying dolphin beasts trying to eat me I'll suffer the hunger pains.

***Later that morning***

Saw this and am thinking, what kind of parent lets their very young children watch Rambo??? Oh. And because it's Rambo himself that makes it ok? I think if I saw my Dad on TV with a machine gun blowing up people I'd be really scared of him. Or I'd become a school bully "My Daddy's got a machine gun mounted on the Hummer and he'll blast your guts across the school wall if you don't do what I tell you. My Daddy's Rambo, asswipe. Gimme your trust fund account number." But I like the idea of making the kids do 20 push-ups every morning.


Blazngfyre said...

I don't know what you're snacking on, but I know that chocolate never makes me dreams wacky shit like THAT!


Just a suggestion ....

RoxRocks said...

More importantly, how's your vajayjay?

Lyvvie said...

After dinner I did have a couple squares of 85% dark choc and it was lovely, but I'm not sure what combination of foods are creating the bizarre dreams. Could be Brazil nuts?

The VJJ is fine, thanks for asking. Amazing what a hose down and gentle dusting of Gold Bond powder can do for inflamed, angry bits. AND, my mooncup arrived today so I'll be trying to create suction sounds while I practice insertion in preparation for next month.

Ree said...

1. Hummus and carrot sticks.
2. John Lithgow? Insane? Scary, stuff there.
3. You can smell in your dreams? I can't - so it's a serious question.

Lyvvie said...

Yes I can smell in my dreams. The dreams about the house being on fire are a serious mind-fuck. Oddly enough, when we are asleep our sense of smell is the most diminished; nearly non-existent. I know that dreams are mostly a mix up of repressed emotions and events from the previous day. I'm pretty certain the fish smell comes from my own anxiety about food/waste hygiene - I make a lot of sushi and we have salmon, mackerel and sardines in the house at all times. I usually refrain from opening a tin of fish because I don't want the trashcan to smell bad. I'm certain that's where the "smell" came from.