Thursday, January 10, 2008


So I may be a few days late on the new news, but I'm not in America and I don't watch the news everyday so sue me. I'm a wee bit intrigued by this new Amy Fisher story. I have to admit - and I'm sure a bunch of folks will roll their eyes at me - but I've always felt sorry for Amy Fisher. Granted she was spoiled rotten, had weak parents who had no clue how to control her and left her a highly manipulative teenager with a fantasy ego where nothing bad could happen to her. Until...well you know that old story.

So a few years ago I was thinking, "Hey whatever happened to Amy Fisher? she should be out of jail by now..." and I googled about and discovered she'd written a book, recently got married, was expecting a baby and was writing for a newspaper. Well good for her, I thought. Sounds like she's got her shit together. She seemed humbled.

So when I saw news about a sex tape I thought, oh dear. Is this an attempt to gain fame on an old story with a new scandal? well, you tell me:

Someone should whisper to that guy about lowering his dosages. But Wow. Wonder what Amy has to say...CNN video interview ; Well, ok. Does anyone else sense a theme here in Amy's life? Something around old men and sex? Seems prison may humble a person but it doesn't gift them with the ability to see a swine. Weird how she's a master manipulator, but can't see the strings being pulled around herself? Maybe she's not really a master after all. Also - who is the sparkling bra wearing, sparkling skinned, camera grinning woman in the background?? I think Amy may have been more credible if that woman wasn't there whoring up the stage with her 80's flashback wardrobe. Even The Nanny would've told her to button up. You can't say you didn't want to sell a sex tape, and flash red bra at the same time, or be seen next to a red sparkle bra flasher.

I did YouTube Amy Fisher and found an ET staged confrontation between Amy and Joey that was - it fucking hurt it was so painful. What bright and shining star ever thought it was going to be a good idea to put those two in a room together?? I couldn't believe he was still saying "My Mary-Jo". Of the two of them, I believe her more than him. Then again, I'm now firmly of the opinion: Both of them are complete assholes.

It's things like this that make me wish Freud was still alive.

Now, I'll have to read about this Dr. Phil and Britney debacle...


NWJR said...

Favorite line: "And since he's 57, GOOD FOR HIM!"


It's a weird f**cking world. I'm going to go hide in my cave for a while.

RoxRocks said...

The world IS weird! I love the "What the Buck" guy, he's a maniac.

Anonymous said...

I think you know more about this new Amy Fisher story than I did, but I could tell you all about Brittney and how they didn't even find drugs in her system that night. She's just crazy.

Maja said...

I have no idea who Amy fisher is.

Lyvvie said...

Amy Fisher was known as the "Long Island Lolita" where at 16 she had an affair with her mechanic and fell into mad love with him, then decided the only way to have him was to shoot his wife in the head. The wife survived; with the bullet still in her skull. She served seven years.