Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Firefox let me down

Or maybe it was ELO. I'm not sure, but I was in the middle, actually almost done with a MeMe post when Firefox crashed and halfway through an ELO vid on youtube I was considering as a link in the post, all the stuff after posting the rules, meaning all the important stuff, was lost.

I'm in no mood to redo the whole thing.

Woke up a bit blue today. Not that I was coloured blue (which I was, husband was a blanket thief last night)but depressed a bit. Feeling a bit lonely. I miss my friend who moved away. I miss my coffee mornings. I am in PMS mode so it's obviously playing a bit of havoc with my moods.


Sarah said...

Hoorah for PMS!
Me too.
I think.
Or maybe I just need more candy.

*kisses your nose*

BillieJoeIsCool said...

Good way to cheer you up, Ricci.. go to youtube and search Japanese Game Show... I love watching em.. I made my mom cry by watching the Marshmallow one :P.

Lyvvie said...

Oddly enough, I was doing that last night! But not the marshmallow one...