Monday, December 03, 2007

Thanks for all the get wells. Very much appreciated. I am getting better, the lung feels a hundred times better and I can sleep on my right side now. My ear is happy again. I'm still coughing and feel weak, short of breath, get run down easily and have this annoying internal trembling that I'm going to talk to my Dr about later. Today is the last of my antiBs and I'm kind of nervous to be without them now. I don't feel completely better, and don't want this bug to come back. What I feel like is I've just been given asthma. I'm completely committed to the "Take it slow" way of recovery.

Turns out Grandma Betty got the same virus too and called the Dr out to see her at her home (Dr's still do home visits for emergencies here, isn't that nice.) and the pharmacy delivered her medication to her at home so she didn't have to try and drive. Auntie Hagrid has been helping her out while she gets better.

The thing in the news that's got me asking questions and feeling confused and interested is the TeddyBear Teacher in Sudan. My first questions was, Why can't the bear be called Muhammad?
Why is the teacher in trouble when it's the kids who chose the name, shouldn't they know it's not allowed? Didn't their parents/mosque/Koran class ever tell them? Why is naming your teddy bear considered idolatry, but you can name your kids Muhammad with no trouble? Why are mad (as in crazy insane) Muslims running through the city brandishing machetes demanding to behead the teacher? Are they willing to put the class of children (20 out of 23 kids voted to name the bear Muhammad) against the firing wall too, since they were the ones who named the bear and the teacher just said "Great name kids, now what do we know about bears?"

I find Ms. Gibbons very admirable, her outlook through this whole mess has been very calm, understanding and with her sense of humor intact. She only has positive things to say about everyone in Sudan and her time there. But the whole this just seems unreal and out of place. It couldn't really have happened? Could something so ridiculous really happen? Well, sadly, it really has. The good news is, Gibbons is being freed today with a pardon. I'm sure it has a bit more of getting themselves out of the world's scowling gaze and getting her the hell out of Sudan.

We've got the last of Project Runway this week (We're watching series 3) and also America's Next Top Model is getting near the end (series 8) and I've really enjoyed this series. I adore Natasha, isn't she the cutest most fun ever? No one be a shit and ruin it for me though as I know you all already know who wins. When they're over, TV will be dull again. Pooh.


Donna said...

Glad you're on the road to recovery!! Stay in bed or close to it for a while more...Hug

Victoria said...

Glad you're on the mend!

Internal trembling might be from the antibiotics. I remember being able to "feel" them course through my blood stream (if that makes sense).


tornwordo said...

Glad to hear you're getting better. I was stunned by that story as well. All I could do is shake my head at the madness.

Daisy said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. I feel bad for the teacher. i am just glad to see she is outta there.