Sunday, December 16, 2007

Busy busy busy...

I'm just so busy! It's so annoying! All this running here, running there, coping with crowds of pushy middle-aged people and tripping over slow-poke grannies. Hearing "Mommy that man hit my head!" "Mommy that ladies hit me with her bag!" and there's not much I can do but feel pity for the kids because they are at elbow and bag carrying height. And as much as I like to lift weights, hauling about a 30lb kid on my shoulders all afternoon is a big NO. I must do a couple dozen squats just to give the required "Aw Baby!" cuddles and calming measures. Today is the last day of Christmas shopping and then we are done and the wrapping may commence.

Shops are sold out of Mario Galaxy for the Wii, Sold Out of the Lego Star Wars. The girls need tights. I spent £40 on the Christmas ham, it should feed 14 (I'm serving for 10 but like extra for leftovers next day) and is outdoor reared, organic, molassass cured, smoked - it better be damned good is all I'm saying. I've got the menu down, I think. Roasted parsnips in maple syrup, buttered carrots with sesame seeds, roasted potatoes, a couple choices of sausagemeat stuffing and the ham. Chocolate cake or Pavlova for dessert. Cheeseboard and crackers, fancy coffee or port for afters. Takeaway boxes for leftovers. Kids will play lots of playstation away from us adults and not be underfoot. Mother-in-Law will do the dishes. Should be a nice day. I may even crack open that bottle of Champagne I bought last year for my birthday that we never drank. It's still chilled. Hopefully not flat. Does Champagne have a sell by date? Must check.

I got my new oven on Friday, and it doesn't quite fit, but it's working. I need to have a gasman come out and move the pipe at the wall behind the oven as it sticks out too much, so my oven is jutting out proud of the counter by an inch. It WORKS though and it's fucking brilliant. Cooks stuff so fast! I never realised just how shit my old oven was until I got this new one. Just awesome! I highly recommend to anyone who loves to cook, one word: Circotherm! Cooked four big sweet potatoes in under an hour. Old oven would've been nearly two hours. I'll save fortune in running costs on this one.

Kids have two Christmas parties to go to today, I may take pictures and post them later. I really should. I seem to gotten rather lax in taking pics of my kids and shouldn't as they're little for such a short time. I keep looking at Sassy and thinking, where's my wee baby gone? She's such a big girl now. She's too pretty, she's going to be hard work later. I'll get pics later.


RoxRocks said...

Why did I read this in a British Accent?

The rewards of shopping early will be evident to me this week. :)

Maja said...

The shopping sounds like good exercise! I have to do a bunch of shopping when I get back home on Tuesday night and that is way too last minute for me, but must be done. Mmmm christmas ham, yum yum yum! I'm sure the meal will be totally awesome!

Take more photos! You can never take too many. Congrats on the new oven! Must be a dream!

Donna said...

Sounds like you're just about ready!!! Have sounds great to!