Wednesday, December 12, 2007

British people: Take Care With Real Christmas Trees!!

Americans and Canadians are going to laugh with horror over this, but British folks just don't seem to know that you have to keep watering real Christmas trees. I'm not kidding!! These folks get real trees, stick them in inappropriate bases and put lights and ornaments on just wait for the fire to start. They have tinder in their living rooms laced with electricity. I keep waiting for the Public Service Announcement that says you must water your live tree to keep it damp so the wood won't dry out and needles won't fall off. I've never heard a one. When I mention it to people they always have that "Really? Wow I never thought about it, but it makes sense..." then they get the horrified expression as they mentally progress to the blazing inferno that would be their living room.

I went to the swimming pool on Saturday for Sassy's lessons and they had a fifteen foot real tree, hammered into a hunk of wood for a base - nowhere to water the thing. It was decked to the nines with lights and everything, and the needles were starting to curl it was so dried out. And they'll probably keep it up for another three to four weeks! It's insane! I complained, we'll see if it's changed this week. If not, I'm calling the Fire Dept to tattle-tale on them.

So, British people (Or anyone who doesn't know this already) who are planning on getting real trees: Water your tree! Get an appropriate base that allows you to put a liter of water in there a couple times a week. You keep cut roses in a vase with water, don't you? Why not the same for a Christmas tree? And if my advice doesn't cause you concern, there's always this.


RoxRocks said...

That is why I enjoy a fake tree. Low maintenance.

NWJR said...

Those silly brits...

BTW, on a related note, I'm shamelessly plugging my new blog: Diary of a Tree. Check it out. Tell your friends.


Daisy said...

It just seems like common sense to put a Christmas tree in an appropriate tree stand and keep it watered.