Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sleeping on my feet again...

I'm. So. Tired. Only in the morning though. I'm wide awake all night. I was working last night, felt awful as I've caught Shorty's cold and it's gone right into my chest, which is rare, I never get chesty coughs. Not since I've stopped smoking, anyway. So feeling rough, I had a cup of decaf tea before bedtime, and then went to bed exhausted at 12:45 (I work until midnight) and couldn't fall off too sleep until 2am. Alarm off at 6:30. I just want to cry. Like Sylvana, caffeine is going to be only thing to get me through the next couple months.

I've finished shopping for Husband's Christmas - hail to Amazon! I got him two things off his wish list...he has six of them. Six wishlists. A toys one, a technical book one, a leisure book one, a DVD one and a CD one....and another one for something else. Oh, games. I got him a book and the pre-agreed gift of a iPod shuffle. I love my Nano, oh dear lord I love it so. I feel a bit guilty not returning the favour of a splendid Nano, but he says he'd be really happy with the shuffle as he can use it at work and it's discreet and it's good for the gym...all the excellent reasons for owning a shuffle. We are such Apple whores. The kids' Christmas will be sorted out with a trip to TRU - which is thus-far undeciphered code for Toys R'Us. Sassy wants a Roboquad (already bought) and a couple Ben 10 figures and a game for the Wii, but she can't decide which game. Shorty wants Peppa Pig things so we'll get her the camper van set or maybe the house, and a George with Dinosaur, and pretty dress for herself.

Just finished the Josie Dew two-book travel log of her bicycle tour of Japan. I really enjoyed them, the first one more. I found some of the Amazon reviews scandalous, where she's accused of being racist. I didn't detect any hint of that from reading her books. She shows a genuine love and admiration for Japanese people, but nods to their oddness. More like bows to their oddness, and they bow back her oddness as a woman traveling alone by bike. Anyways, she's not heavy in the visual descriptions of places except when her inner eco-warrior kicks in, but more seeking and explaining the people of the land. I had many moments of laughing out loud, interrupting my Husband to retell a passage from the book and lots of "Wow, how weird and exciting!" moments. Josie Dew, like myself, doesn't like folks who po-poo life. Folks who complain and aren't willing to have-a-go at anything, lay-abouts and ennui ridden black holes of doom. she meets a few of these. Most of them foreigners, who voluntarily have moved to Japan, but hate it's foreignness. If you aren't willing to embrace (or at least understand) the way of the local, then you don't belong in the village. The only hints of "racism" I might agree with, is how many foreigners in Japan hate Japan because it's not like the West. Well duh. Really. Josie uses these people as examples of intolerance. Not her personal intolerance, except of their ignorance.

Lastly, I've talked myself into hosting Christmas lunch at my (small!) house this year. I'll be serving a lunch for eight. I only intended on Grandma and our nephew coming, but the in-laws were invited and have accepted too. So I'll be cacking it a bit until I can get a plan underway that, like last year, will go down with military precision. Last year went well. This one will too. So....what are you serving up for Christmas lunch?


Crystal* said...

So sorry about the cooties! That just blows.
As for Christmas...I plan on making the chicklets and I quite a big meal. So the Mama does NOT have to cook for the next couple of days.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Hello, Lyvvie.

I'm an Apple whore, too. Gotz my iShuffle for the gym, the one that clips on your person.

Good work on getting your shopping done!

Maja said...

Every woman I know is tired all the time at the moment. In both hemispheres of the world. I can't wait to go to bed tonight.

I got JJ a shuffle too! A bright blue one. And noise cancelling headphones. Hopefully he doesn't read these comments. I've got a grey ishuffle. It's great. So portable and you don't need pockets!