Friday, November 02, 2007

It's been a slow week...

I've not been as busy as normal this week. I've taken time off the gym to let the bruise heal. But don't think I've done nothing, I've been doing yoga at home to keep supple and I'm convinced it's helped speed along the healing process. It's amazing how fast the body can heal itself from an injury. On Wednesday we all went to the Turkish Baths, which has three swimming pools, a steam room, sauna and freezing plunge pool. It's a waterlover's heaven. We spent over two hours pampering ourselves into limp noodles. Beats trick or treating any day.

Walking has been very important for me this week, thank goodness there's been no rain. Well, not much rain and not really on me. I've had niggling worries about blood clots and think lots of walking will be a good idea. I read a book once when I was a teenager, a horror story called Carrion, and I have no clue who wrote it and It's not come up on a google search so it may be long-lost and forgotten, except for me. But it was about this magician who find some magic spell that brings the dead back to life, only they're not quite the nice people they were before. they're rather grumpy and short tempered re-animated corpses (But thankfully not brain eating zombies!) Oh, and their bodies are still dead so they end up decaying and unhappy about their smell and gooeyness, so they seek out the magician to kill him. One of the dead-brought-back-to-life ladies had died from a bruise on her leg that didn't seem to heal, and turned out to be blood clot. That's stuck with me forever and I'm not always worrisome over big bruises. (OH wait! I found it with Carrion, horror novel, out of print)

I've been practicing more Japanese, and the kids now only want to watch their movies in Japanese. I'm quite shocked by that, but they really enjoy it, and I encourage it. I swear between the incoherentness, they say "Schenectady" a lot and I wonder if it's a subliminal way of encouraging New York tourism.

Still reading "A Ride in the Neon Sun" by Josie Dew and really enjoying it. Apparently she has a part two book as well that I'll have to fine. That one she travels to Hong Kong for a bit and then back to Japan for more.

Can't believe it's already 11 am. where's the morning gone?!

Look, a Rainbow!


Daisy said...

That bruis still looks bad.

Frank said...

That is one amazing bruise! I hope it doesn't hurt as bad as it looks.

dianeinjapan said...

Man, that bruise really is coloring nicely!

Schenectady, huh? Going to have to think about that one!

Oh--thank you for commenting at my blog. You had a couple of questions--I'm going to get back with you soon on those.

Maja said...

That's a bruise and a half!

Donna said...

I have to admit, it is looking better! Hope you're alright!

Chilldaddy said...

Miss Lyvvie: my condolances on your hell-of-a-bruise, but I really came here to ask if you are doing Nanowrimo this year.

Are you doing Nanowrimo this year?

NWJR said...

You should start a bruise blog.