Monday, October 15, 2007

Share Your Tears

My friend Sarah is an amazing talent and started this project a couple years ago. Asking women to photograph themselves when crying, to show the exposed beauty in moments of pain. (I sent her a picture of Shorty. She's in the group.)

Show Sarah some love over at her blog, Sarah's Art Blog.


Sarah said...

I came to love you because you are The Groovy and because you left love.
But now I have to love you more because you make a delicious pimp.
*kisses your nose*

Doug said...

Cool idea, Sarah! But I have a question. I'll bet your mom (or grandma, or some authority figure in your life) said, "Do you have to paint women crying? You could paint them smiling, or laughing!"

Because if I were to do something like this, that's what MY mom would say.

I suspect you have the talent to create art even from smiling women . . . although the tears are far more interesting.