Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I could've sworn I'd done a post for today. Where did it go? I admit it was somewhat boring and a bit of diarist filler, but still. An update to say Sassy's tooth is now fixed and looks fine. Dentist even says she should have no long term trouble and the difference in length may be so slight she could get away without cosmetic fixtures as an adult. He thinks once the teeth are done growing in, he could just shape them to match and remove any sharp edges. I got the impression that all kids have rabbit teeth that wear down with age anyways, she's only sped up the process a bit.

The bruise seems to have reached a peak of purpleness, and the red is fading away. I'm just waiting for the healing signs of yellow and green to appear. It hurts much less, but itches like crazy. I can't scratch it though, because then it really hurts, so a bit of gentle buffing with my trouserleg across the itchy bit.

I had my last visit with the physio today. My shoulders are showing improvements and my therapy has been left in my own capable hands. In case you forgot (Or maybe I never mentioned, it is possible) I have impingements on both shoulders due to overly tight pectorals, and a weaker back - the muscles in between the shoulder blades in particular. I've done a whole lot of: shoulders back and down, tits out and hold.

I passed the hairstylist who last cut my hair, and she gave me smile, said hello and then gave me a funny look like "That's not my work." Very true it's not her work, I didn't quite like her work, she gave me a mini-mullet. So I pulled out my clippers and tidied it up at the back with a comb extension. I've had compliments ever since.

That's about it. Sassyface is off to a Halloween party tonight. I'm not looking forward the weeks of sugar rush coming our way.

Bruise update picture:
Peak of Purpleness.


Weary Hag said...

Yuck. The bruise is still nasty.
Now I'll have to go look up impingements in medical-ese. Not sure what that means exactly.

I know what you mean about the sugar rush coming, but hopefully more and more people will get hip to the fact that sugar-free can still look pretty in a candy and not hurt anyone! haha

Chunks said...

Oy that bruise makes me shiver every day! It's beautiful like a sunset though, very colorful!!

Sugar rush. Yes! I can't wait! lol

Maja said...


NWJR said...

That bruise is AWESOME!

Daisy said...

That is a nasty looking bruise. Glad it's not as sore.


tornwordo said...

Horrible, but I love that you're showing it. I've never seen one that big.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Glad to have you back at Blogger, Lyvvie. It just feels right.

Nice bruise.

Donna said...

Does look like it's getting better! Take care of yourself!