Sunday, September 09, 2007


I've committed a Lyvvieism. I think a lot of people must do this kind of thing, where they have busy minds, busy lives and occasionally a bit of information is absorbed mentally that somehow gets mashed and misunderstood. But it's so realistic that it becomes a factoid in the mind. This happened to me on Thursday.

Thursday morning at 6:30am the alarm goes off and the three beeps to tell me the BBC is about to give the news headlines.I am rather ill, have a serious head cold and mild fever, feel like crap. News starts off with a death notice. I'm bleary but always have attention to recent deaths, well don't we all really? A morbid indulgence and yet selfish all the same as the death may impact on me in some way. I hear that Liberace has passed away at the age of 71.


What a shame, and yet I've not heard much of him in recent years. Poor Liberace, what a brilliant pianist he was! A real showman, prime of his day. I saw him lots as a real young kid, along with tormented memories of ballroom dancing and bubble machines (What was that show, I know it was polka big band but I can't remember for the life of me!) I'm kind of touched by that report. Poor Liberace who always is viewed as gay and yet denies it so strongly. Have to admire his tenacity, and pity his denial. Ah well. The day must go on. I'll blog about it later, find a couple nice pics. Yeah that'll be good.

I go about the day, rather ill and can't manage much, phone in to say I'll not make it to work and then grab several DVDs to play on the PS2 while entertaining Shorty, as I can't walk her to school. I spend the day in bed half asleep. Friday is exactly the same.

Saturday I'm feeling much better and manage to follow the family along to the pool, visit Grandma Betty; who dishes up a major guilt trip and asks me plainly to please go to Auntie Hagrid's wedding. Not to worry about not finding a dress as I can go in jeans, be myself if I want to, but to be there is most important to her, she is 87 and wants to see her family, the whole family, happy. Damn it, Betty. Fine. I'll go to the fucking ingrate's wedding. Seeing as I have found a dress. Not that I bought it for the wedding, I bought it for my anniversary coming up in a couple weeks. But fine.

Stuck in the car for an hour and a half on the way back home because of bridgeworks, and don't think after two recent bridge collapses that that doesn't make me brick it completely, the news reports Pavarotti's funeral. Pavarotti too!? What a frigging nightmare, two great artists in one day, and they died on the same day! And were the same age! What a coincidence. No news about Liberace's funeral, huh, must be private. I mentioned this to Husband who nods and looks contemplative. We talk about Liberace doing a Muppets episode, but did Pavarotti? No we don't think so. Did he even do a SNL? Yeah, I think so! Can you imagine the two of them in the afterlife, hanging out and stuff, Liberace playing for Pavarotti, they'd be great pals for sure.

I went to work that night, talked about how the two died the same day with a few co-workers - how tragic. Wow? Really? That is shocking. Wow.

So this morning, Sunday, I'm on the Wiki for Liberace, to get some information for my blog post. It tells me, he 1987. What? But I know I heard Liberace reported dead only on Thursday. I did. Frigging Wiki is crap, must be a hackjob. Fucking hackers! I'll check around, IMDB will have the truth. Ah. Well. How did this happen? I'm very confused now. Plus my whole post is shot to hell.


It wasn't until I heard Pavarotti's name said in full that it made sense. To an ill, exhausted sufferer of a thumping head cold, woken at the awful hour of 6:30AM, Luciano Pavarotti could easily be mashed into: Liberace.

Yes it fucking well could. I only hope those who I mentioned it to will forget before I see them again...


tornwordo said...

I was giggling all the way through. Uh, maybe you haven't heard much about Liberace because he's been dead for 20 years, lol.

NWJR said...

It's easy to tell them apart. Liberace has better hair.

Donna said...

Hello! A birthday wish is Never too late! Thank you! That was a cheese cake and boy was it good!Love your site. Mind if I put it on my list of favorites?

Lyvvie said...

Sure go ahead, I always share back *wink*

Donna said...

PS- today's post was an absolute hoot!!! Loved

Daisy said...

Gotta love it!! The whole time I was reading I was thinking, "I thought Liberace was dead already". Was the show you were thinking of with bubbles and polka and big band, Lawrence Welk?

Masquerade said...

I was just going to say that, the Lawrence Welk show. My great grandmother still watches it. ;)

Maja said...


Nancy J. Bond said...

Don't you hate it when that happens? Hehehe. You're hilarious. :)

Lyvvie said...

Yes!! The Lawrence Welk Show! I remember my Nana, who wasn't my Grandmother but my day care lady from birth until 11 so almost as close if not closer to me than either Grandmother, was addicted to that show and watched it. Also addicted to General Hospital, a show I still to this day crave and would love to see on UK TV again (Bring it BACK ABC1 I want to know if they've killed off the annoying Charley yet...pleeeeease)

Thanks Friends!

Chunks said...

I thought the Liberace stuff was a dream sequence. AHAH!

That was a great post Lyvvie!

You WILL blog about going to the wedding, won't you? I mean, c'mon, that is going to be bloggy gold!