Thursday, September 13, 2007

I knew I was Young at Heart!

I always say I don't feel any older than I did at 19 and now I have proof. My stepUncle sent me an e-mail to do some online health quiz, and it was really neat to see how different things I do in my life make such a dramatic difference to my life expectancy. I started out putting in my 35 years and it automatically added in the average life expectancy of 74. Then through a series of questions the numbers get further apart, or closer together.

It was great to see, at the end of the test, I have a "Real age" of 20 years old, and a life expectancy of 89. I'm aiming for a 100th birthday, and I want to to be able to walk up to, cut and chew my own birthday cake (although my own teeth is optional, I'm thinking after 100 years they'll have been replaced with fine and dandy new ones) so I'm going to just keep on doing whatever I'm doing.

You take the test too!!

I don't know why poodwaddle but hey. I liked the answers. Considering I have another 54 years to get my novel finished, I feel a whole lot more relaxed this morning. Also, I'm not even "middle aged" yet! Woohoo!

Saw this stuff advertised on QVC a year ago or something and thought it was disgusting, but so cool! you just leave it on your feet and then after a time you can scrape off liquefied layers of gross, yellow dead skin. Oh it turns my stomach but makes me eager to try it. So for the ultimate ick factor: I bought some. I may even share pictures of the grodiness, Halloween is coming, after all.

Still getting along on WordPress, it's all so different! It's not as easy as Blogger by a long shot. I've been spoiled with the ability to hack away at Blogger templates with my own HTML and links. Not as simple to achieve, and it's taking a lot of slogging through its forums to figure out how it's done. I have a supportive Husband who offers his expertise and I hope to get settled in over the months. It's good to learn new things! I just don't know yet if it'll have been worth the effort. I mean, I did have to pay $15 for the customize CSS option which felt like a wasteful parting of cash.

This morning was the first in over two weeks that I woke up and felt refreshed and had energy to start the morning, so I think I'm finally free of this damned bug that's plagued me. I'm still congested, and have sore sinuses but I'm not exhausted which was a feeling of hope. Downside: Husband now seems to have caught it.

I've spent a lot of time writing this week, dedicated at least an hour and a half to just writing, with an average half hour of faffing about: That's a huge improvement! The difference is not to write in the house. I find if I start to write in the house, I'm immediately distracted by all those things I normally try to avoid: like laundry, toilet bowl scrubbing and mopping floors. Why is it when I begin to write those tasks become so much more demanding and easier to finish? So I've been writing in the local cafe, where the owner is a lovely girl who has the same name as me and she buys soya milk just for me to indulge in lattes of extortionate prices. But she is so nice, I don't mind. I'll find a way to cut money elsewhere to support my writing and soy latte habit. But I've finished the first re write of chapter one and I'm rather proud of myself.

I bought a new perfume recently and now...don't like it. It smells like L'Eau D'Executive Riche, or Office Yuppie Chic. It's sweet and sharp. I don't really do sweet or sharp. Then it dries to more powdery softness. I don't do powdery softness, either. It kind of smells like White Linen with a mix of posh hand lotion, whereas my favourite perfume is Coco Chanel. Good thing I didn't spend a fortune on it. I'm now trying to think who I can give it to...Any Pheromone fans? NOW wait...don't go's not "pheromone" perfume. It's called that. I bought it on the strength of many reviews and that it's got Egyptian stuff about it and my all time favourite scent was a $2 bottle of Egyptian musk oil I bought at the flea market in 1990. Yes, I still have it. Yes it still smells great. I often get grabbed by women who demand to know what it is. I guess I should try out the new one for a bit and see how I like it, but just now I'm disappointed. Plus, my nose isn't working properly yet and could just be I'm not smelling it properly.

That's me done for the spending spree. Time to knuckle back down and save money for, ugh, Christmas presents. Sassy already has a list 12 items long. We're sticking to the five present limit again for the kids.

If I go back to full time work, I want to get a job with these people because they have so much fun! I was looking for what to use in my erotic story...I may have to use, The Professor!

Hey! My ear just popped! I can hear out the left side again! Hooray!


Masquerade said...

This is interesting! My real age is 13, biological age is 18, and my life expectancy is 80. Huzzah. :P

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Ah, jeez. That's great news. I'm 36, but I feel 24. It all makes sense to me now.

Crystal* said...

Hi hon!

Yep...took the "real age" quiz. And here's what I got:
Bio age: 35 *sigh*
Real age: 21.8 hehehe
Avg. Life: 74 years
Life expectancy: 87.2

Woman...we can party together! lmao

Lyvvie said...

Excellent, Chrys!! We have have real life Granny races in our walkers! We'll champion to have it put in the Olympics!

I know for me the things that tipped the life expectancy was the not smoking, drinking and very active fitness.

I'm shocked about LBB only getting to 24 - and you have a private gym! What's your vice, Mr.? (Although I know of one...)

Raina, you're only 18...I'm amazed it marked you lower...considering hormones and stuff you'll have a perpetual adolescence.You have my sympathies and chocolate. On second thought, screw that, chocolate is mine.

Doug said...

Real age, 45, biological age, 36. Screwed by a stressful job and long commute distance. And not enough exercise, no doubt. Still, it says my life expectancy is 84. I'm counting on medical research, though.

sxKitten said...

According to the test, I'm 40 going on 13.6, with a life expectancy of 101. Woohoo!

Which is not totally impossible, 'cause my grandfather's 96 and still in great shape. But do I really have to go through puberty again?

Sylvana said...

My favorit perfume was Malibu Musk cologne. It wasn't musky at all - not sure why they called it a musk. It was lightly sweet and airy - like sunshine. Whenever I wore it strangers would always stop me to find out what I was wearing. And it was cheap! But they quit making it and I nearly cried when I found out. I still have a few bottles of it I save for very special ocassions.

Sylvana said...

I got a real age of 33 and life expectancy of 75. I think 40 years is long enough to get everything done for me.