Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I have a cold. I hate colds. I've not had one for ages and this one was really sneaky. I suspect it's been working itself into a proper cold for a couple weeks as I've noticed I've become more tired and then a bit snuffly and then achey and now full blown cold. It's the stinging attack in my sinuses I really object to, as it makes me sneeze a lot. As a hold over from being pregnant, I hate sneezing as it makes me panic about wetting myself. I've kegeled my bits into buffness so it doesn't happen, but you know, one violent unannounced sneeze and anyone can wet themselves.

I feel really run down, which is annoying as Ive missed the gym. I can't face going, although a good sweat would probably kick the shit out of the cold. But I'm feeling rather miserable and just want coziness in the big chair with a blanket, cup of tea and the remote. I'm back in the gym tomorrow. I've spent the past two days cleaning my house and doing laundry. I got dressed this morning; I just can't stand lounging in pajamas today, and cleared the cupboards of out of date stuff. Actually went well as what I did find was only out of date in August. There was a lot of guilt thrown away too, crap I bought in moments of weakness but couldn't bring myself to eat all of it, so it's out in the bin.

My appetite isn't there, so I just put a butternut squash in the oven to slow cook for a couple hours, on the hopes that the smell will work its magic and get me hungry by then. I still have to go out and take Shorty to school this afternoon, and then go pick them both up after school. No no lounging about wallowing in illness for me, as much as I'd love it. I'd actually just love a day all to myself. No worries, no stress.

Shorty can't stop sneezing now.

We got the wedding invitation from Auntie Hagrid today. I can't possibly say a thing about it without coming across as a total bitch. But it's lame. Home made, with pattern cutting scissors and stickers and glue sticks. The information inside the card is crooked, not a little but a lot. And at the bottom is an added on sticker that says "Oopps, it's the 14th October, 2007" oh yes, she forgot to put the date of the wedding in the original printout. You want to see it? You do? Ok...but only because you asked.

We can all see how very important that trampoline was now. I had a brief conversation with my mother-in-law about the trampoline. She agrees is terrible, but she's not said anything. See it's all Lurch, apparently. He did the whole thing without Hagrid's knowledge. My counter to this was "so what's stopping her now? Why didn't she defend her grandmother?" which was as much to her as it was to Hagrid as it's her Mom's garden. I'm still not really allowed to get involved.

Oh I feel better just sharing all of that, and the house now smells amazing and I'm getting a bit hungry, so I'm going to have my lunch, er...brunch. Elevenses, as it were.


Chunks said...

What an awful invite! I'm all about the homemade but yikes!

I hope you feel better soon Lyvvie! Colds are the worst, especially for the moms who can't get enough rest.

Blazngfyre said...

What Chunks said.
I mean, i'm no Martha Stewart, but .... wow.

I hope you feel better Lyvvie!

Oh, and now I want butternut squash.
No, I mean RIGHT NOW! lol

Anonymous said...

i hope you feel better soon.

that invite is ummm not very good. makes me wonder what the rest of the wedding will be like. scary i think.

Daisy said...

What a tacky invitation. My daughter and son-in-law did their own invitations on the computer. They bought special invitation paper w/envelopes to match at Staples. They were beautiful and to the average eye you could not tell, that they had done them themselves.

Hope you're feelin better Lyvvie.

PS. Due to some people from work who have discovered my blog, I am going to have to make it private. If you want an invite, you can email me your email addy.

cmhl said...

wow. they could have put just the slightest bit more effort into the invitations, huh?

Daisy said...

my email addy is njhoosier@hotmail.com