Monday, August 20, 2007

On the Rabbit Again.

So Doug declares that I must explain myself in regard to the promotion of the Rabbit Amnesty currently running on my favourite toy shop called LoveHoney To help explain things. I'll show you this ad from German toy manufacturer,Fun Factory.

I think it tells my point on the subject perfectly, because women have done this. Have been ashamed of their sexual needs and resort to object hunting. I remember when I was in high school a friend leaned in and pointed out another girl who I knew to be very smart, a bit shy and kept to herself, "She fucks her brush handle." I was informed. The poor thing, reduced to a sexual act with a brush. And it's not her fault! Women have more needs than a pair of hands can attend to, and something insertable will help. The humiliation of pleasuring oneself with a bush handle is one thing, but having everyone find out is another and this risk of being discovered is terrifying. One only needs to watch the movie American to know this doesn't only happen to girls, but it's girls I'm talking about just now.

Who'd be a teenage girl?! Having to toe that line of slut or saint every day. But how horrible to have tons of questions about your body, want to figure out the answers and are resorting to vegetables for the answers. Some states have age restrictions for purchase of vibrators, which means she's got to ask someone to get one for her - what girl is going to do that? I've decided, when my girls start asking questions, I'll offer them a vibrator. They'll probably squirm in disgust at the very thought, but better that than be known as the brush fucker. Also, better to give the girl a dildo so she can figure her body our for herself, than put her on the pill and throw her to the lion's den.

The thing is, women shouldn't be ashamed to admit they may need help in attending to their sexual needs. You only need to read the Orgasm Army forum, run by LoveHoney, to see women being very enthusiastic about their collections. And women share; with partners, these toys of joy. Oh Joy, indeed.

A problem occurs however when we decide to take the plunge and buy a vibrator or dildo. Online is best, discreet, no one will know what's hidden in the packaging. And I know Augrha (Who has hat tipped me to the Glorious Onion! and it's so on topic!) would be a wonderful sight to behold in her sex shop, but in reality, or in my reality, it's some sweaty looking perv-man who's having thoughts. About me. In the sex shop. So I don't go there. How do you know what you buy will be good? Will it be too big? Too small? smell awful? Be weird? Have you seen some designs - they take a bit of thought to figure out how to use. This is why I like LoveHoney (This is turning out to be an advertisement, I should get discounts!) because they review everything, even what the items smell like. My first dildo was too big, uncomfortable and smelled like burnt rubber - and that smell transfers. It was awful. In this game you will definitely get what you pay for, so paying for quality is my best advice. But that doesn't mean I've not bought things that have turned out to be disappointing. This includes a rabbit vibrator that is pretty useless in my opinion. So how delighted was I to find in my e-mail last week an invitation to get rid of the dustbunny and replace it with the top model for half price! Well very delighted I admit!

We adults must eschew our shame of our sexual needs and address them. This shouldn't mean that our partners feel guilt for not being able to be there at two in the afternoon (Or two in the morning in my case) when the need hits. I think it's common for one partner to have a higher libido than the other anyways, and isn't it better your partner be buzzing with her bunny than with another man? Exactly.


carrie_lofty said...

Great post! I loved the commercial, the recorder sound at the end.

My parents were very open about sex until I actually hit puberty. I knew all the goods when I was a kid, when it was still theory. As soon as it became real, they stopped talking. NOT COOL. I thought masturbation was something I needed to cure myself of, and that was three years or so before I even knew the word. I learned the term from a teen mag where the a girl asked an advice column if she was still a virgin even tho she once masturbated (and has since stopped). Made me think that was something I should try to stop, too. I was fifteen and really clueless.

I hope I can establish a relationship with my girls that permits a useful, ongoing discussion about these issues. That's not to say my sexual upbringing was hurtful or intentionally shameful, it was just closeted, and I want to try to do better.

aughra said...

Thanks for the shout out, Lyvvie. Glad to see you are back blogging. I'll be back when I have more time.

Chunks said...

My dad used to say "If God didn't want us playing with ourselves, he'd have put our stuff in the middle of our backs where we couldn't reach it!"

When I watch ads from other countries, I am always shocked at how forward they are! I mean, they barely have tampon commercials here in Canada! (I'm exaggerating!)

Great post Lyvvie, as usual! No wonder all the boys come here! :)

Lyvvie said...

And yet so far: Only women! Which I love.

Dctraxe said...

*Removes Hat a scratches head*
What's all this about rabbits Doc?
Anyhow..Great article Lyvvie, it should be published. It is a shame there seems to be some things men can't do..How do I apply for a rematch?

Doug said...

Hah! I just posted about masturbation tonight. Great minds.

Okay, so I stand corrected. But what's so wrong about a brush handle? Gets the job done, doesn't it? I don't see where the shame is in that.

You've forgotten, also, how much fun vibrators can be for men :)

Oh, and I still don't comprehend that cone vibrator. Isn't the pointy part uncomfortable?

Lyvvie said...

I honestly have no idea, and yet the cone sells really well and gets great reviews.

I should get a job at LoveHoney...they should hire me to do the product videos. *lol* I'm on my way Doug...wanting to read the male perspective *wink*

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Wow, I'm glad I stopped here today.

Betty Friedan would be so proud of this post.

Anonymous said...

Hey Livvie

Thanks so much for all the support!

Rabbit Amnesty has gone down a storm and we've just sent our first tonne of overloved rabbits for recycling. There's a video and some pics here:

Just think, your next set of cutlery could be made of recycled rabbits!