Thursday, August 02, 2007

Oh My Eyes!!

I love perusing the Go Fug Yourself website, not because I'm addicted to snark, but because I like seeing those who portend to have perfect bods and tons of people to help promote their image, can still look like us normal people, or worse. But when I saw This Tidbit about high waisted shorts, that used a picture of Steve Perry. I forgot all about the high waist fashion and was horrified by the painful Man Camel-Toe! Holy crap! That's got to hurt - no wonder he wasn't really smiling! He was desperate to pull his jeans down a bit. The Denim Vasectomy!

So of course, I had to investigate the occurrence of MCT.

Fat Elvis MCT
I mean, just OW!
Historical corduroy, for all to enjoy.
In advertising. Don't be that guy!
This one just made me toe.
It is the sport or the spandex?
Dick Cheney.
Man caught on bus.
Washington Toe?!
Belly and some toe

Please, stop this. Men and women alike. It's just not doing anyone any good. Except Doug, who happens to love a bit of toe. (link working now!!)


NWJR said...

I could have gone on blissfully happy for the rest of my life without seeing that picture of Cheney.

OTOH, "Keep doing that and they won't fit any more" cracked me up. So the universe is in balance.

Blazngfyre said...

I do NOT miss MAN TOE!

Ewwww ......

*scary flashback to 1982 .... shudder*

Anonymous said...


thank you so much for bringing this to light!! :)

Chunks said...

I cannot WAIT to hear about the hits on do have a sitemeter, don't you?

Lyvvie said...

Mais Oui! *rofl*

Lyvvie said...

"Dude I can see your shnoods!" *rofl*

Doug said...

Oh, you'll get lots of hits for "camel toe," my dearest.

Not nearly as many as if you had actually posted an image, though. That's where the big hits come in. Hey -- get your husband to pose!

Dctraxe said...

I like Moose Knuckle as opposed to Male Camel Toe, there is something sacred about Camel Toe to seems strictly femalish..

Suisan said...

Of course I had to click every link.

Teh Horror!

Thanks for the post.