Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New Toy!

I know I supposed to SBD the Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows, but I got my new mobile phone yesterday and was tinkering with it all afternoon and, well...forgot! I managed to find all these pictures I'd forgotten about, because I didn't have a data pack before and didn't realise my old phone had bluetooth - duh, they just stayed on the phone taking up memory. So I got all the decent ones loaded up to the Mac and on flickr and here! I'm sharing!

Now, the old cameraphone (Nokia 6600) as pretty good, but new technology is so much better. I've now got the Nokia N73 (Because I just couldn't yet afford the N95 and thought it may be too much for my simple needs)There's also a couple 10 second videos of Shorty and Sassy singing the Peppa Pig song. I'll figure out how to upload those...



Blazngfyre said...


The pictures are beautiful, but that short video was PRICELESS!
Watching her cute lil face, and hearing the snort burst forth made me laugh so hard! lol

Thanks Lyvvie! Those girls of yours are gorgeous! :)

Dctraxe said...

5 Stars!!

Anonymous said...

cute photos!!

not sure how much you check your facebook but i left you a message because you were on my mind all weekend, what with the ladies playing at St. Andrews!!

Chunks said...

The kids are gorgeous!