Friday, August 24, 2007

Life: In General

This week has gone by so fast! I can't believe it's Friday already. A gentle reminder from a close friend said "Blog more, will ya!", and I thought, What are you talking about? I've blogged tons lately! But then noticed I've been absent since Monday and how naughty of me!

Tuesday, SassyFace started fourth grade, and she was so excited to get back to school. She's been moaning about going back for weeks because she misses her friends. A small voice in my head shouts "School is not a social gathering! It's a place for education!" which is what one of my teachers used to tell me. She so far likes her new teacher, which will make the next ten months go by much quicker. If Mrs. L makes one mistake with sassy in these early days - it'll be a grueling slog. And school already has its sloggy qualities without adding annoying teachers into the mix.

Shorty started pre-school yesterday and you've never seen a more excited kid! I swear she nearly pushed me to leave. But as it was her first day, I had to stay, just in case she turned clingy and whiny and stuff. Which a couple other kids did, their Moms sneaking around trying to hide just out of site to create distance, but soon the kiddie radar went off and the child was on the prowl, leaving the Mom skulking behind corners, whispering prayers. I prefer being pushed out the door and told to leave, to be quite honest. Shorty was the youngest in her class, which is kind of shocking as the others were all four or almost four. She can handle it, she's so smart. I also hope pre-school will encourage her to use the toilet more as she sees her peers doing so. And it's cute little bathroom, with tiny toilets low on the floor, tiny sinks - just adorable! Until, I needed one and I felt a bit crouched and uncomfortable, looking up at a door with a section cut out so grown-ups and check up on the occupants and easy unlock the door in case of troubles. I shall not make use of that bathroom again myself, as I have enough issues with public toilets from my own school days to deal with.

I've swapped workouts a bit and doing more gym less classes and I hurt. Today, everything hurts! I'm a walking pain (which my Husband will attest but for different reasons). The Back to Basics class is run by a very wonderful Irish woman who has recently been transformed into an ass kicking machine. I liked her better as something of a jolly, motivating gossip, but now she's determined to make everyone feel pain. Wednesday she had us doing the supine bridge with the balance ball, where we lie on the floor with our pelvises raised in the air pushing the ball out and in with our feet: Fucking Ouch! The backs of my knees, and my back are killing me. Plus I've increased my triceps workout to twice a week to try and tone and burn on the upper arms and they are sore too - which takes a lot of effort for me. I can do endless triceps exercises and never get the muscles sore so it takes heavy weight and high reps to get any kind of workout satisfaction there; four sets of 20 kickbacks on 20-25lbs plus push-ups.

Speaking of push-ups, I spent a small amount of yesterday trying to find youtube vids of proper push-up technique because I always worry about pressure on my elbows, and should the elbows be out to the side or down to the side of the body and I still don't know because everyone points their elbows in different directions, so I settled on out the sides, because that's how Sporticus does them and I'm loving Sporticus these days.

I've just last night changed my work days, so instead of doing three night shifts in a row, I get to break them up. So I'm now working on Monday, Thursday and Friday and no more Saturdays! So I have my weekends free for the family now which is awesome. All these new shifts (Thanks! no one caught that typo for me; you meanies!) were brought in to start gearing up for Christmas rota. Christmas already!! And you know, we went into CostCo at the weekend and they already had Christmas stuff out! Wrapping paper and decorations and the monster sized toy aisles. Scary shit. It's fucking abusive to the populace to press Christmas on us in August, there should be a law against it.


Blazngfyre said...


Some of the stores have Christmas garbage out already here as well.
It's bad enough I have to wade through all the Halloween crap in AUGUST, but Christmas?!

Sheesh ...

Glad the girls are enjoying school, and you'll have more time for yourself! :)

Lyvvie said...

It was weird today...after dropping of Shorty to preschool, I walked to the grocery store and then home with an empty stroller. I have empty stroller syndrome!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Great work on your fitness routine.

CostCo lives for Christmas, Lyvvie.

Chunks said...

I'm not ashamed to say I've already bough Christmas Cards this year and a Santa Wreath AT COSTCO!!!

I love Costco. I love Christmas. I love shopping early and scooping up all the cool shit!

Beth said...

See, was that so hard?

And here I thought it was awful that I saw Halloween stuff out at the stores a few weeks ago. Christmas in August is wrong wrong wrong.

Maja said...

Wow! Shorty at school now. It's good that she's so independent.

Crystal* said...

Yes yes! There oughta be a law. I mean shit! My girls' birthdays are all in October. Then I get Christmas whaling on me. Good God.
The end of the year is both glorious and utterly, and I do mean utterly, sadistic.