Friday, August 17, 2007

And the mighty tree fell.

I had some felling done in the garden today. We had a large eucalyptus growing in the garden but it got a bit too big for its britches. It's doubled in size in the past four years, drops leaves all year round and whenever we get the gales in Autumn, I'm frightened it'll fall over. It also annoys my sweet, elderly neighbor as it leans over our fence and drops leaves on her garden too. She did give me a bit of a lecture about how I should've trimmed it back every year, but that wouldn't have done a thing about its trunk breaking our fence.

I found a great guy, local, who quoted for us at nearly half what some of these drive buy doorbell ringers where asking. I hate those scamming bastards. Nope, I'll be singing the high praises of Mr. Plummer for years to come. He even went over to my neighbor's yard and trimmed her cedar for her for free. I even paid him an extra twenty pounds because he deserved it - and he didn't even take the coffee I offered. I make good coffee - don't make that face.

We'll need to wait a further three weeks before we can fix the fence, as the stump needs killed off first.

Here's some pictures:

half gone...How can I spy on the nighbor with all that green in the way?cleared yard with covered stumpsBroken fence


Sylvana said...

It seems a shame to lose the tree, but I can see how annoying it must have been in the location it was growing.

Nice yard, BTW.

Maja said...

Wow your garden totally doesn't look the way I thought it did. For some reason I thought it was just grass and no trees and plants.

Sarah said...

Apparently I can't swing in your tree but I'd love to try that coffee.

Weary Hag said...

I'm thinking the most important question would be "Is Mr. Plummer married?" haha
Just kidding with ya Lyvvie darlin. Great to see you. I'm back kinda, then I'm not, then I am, ho hum, if only these voices would get out of my head, I find time for other things ...


Lyvvie said...

It was a shame to lose the tree, and only did because it was of the fence and boundary breaking. Poor tree caught in the middle of politics.

I only like this house because of the garden and I love tinkering about in it. Although nothing grows in it very well because of the sea salt except lavender, rosemary and cranky little tearoses that give pretty blooms on ugly, thorny twigs. Everything else I've tried fails. I resort to lots of late planting bulbs so I can get a hint of flowers, before the salt kills them off and kills the bulb too.

Zee Coffee, she is HOT and waiting for you.

OH Crone! I have missed you! I love knowing you have a busy, active that blogging is only a diary of. Because I want to be like you when I grow up. I MEAN! When my kids grow knew that. I am 35 and a 1/2 after all.

SafeTinspector said...

I've a tree that is ill and may need to be removed. Old ones are the worst, as you know you can't replace them easily, and may never live to see the replacement provide the same amount of shade.

Gerbera Daisy said...

Poor tree "caught in the middle"!! We have a tree that is "caught in the middle" between us and our fucktard neighbor!! Yes, the tree is on the property line and yes it needs trimmed. But I refuse to talk to the neighbor who is just a damn stinker...about EVERYTHING!!! I would rather have the damn tree removed than share in the expense of having it trimmed.