Sunday, July 15, 2007


The washing machine died on Friday. I was just about to do a load of towels for swimming on saturday when all the soapy water just flooded out of the bottom of the machine. Nice. We began looking on the internet for a replacement, seeing as this one was probably past its warranty being four years old, and calling out a repair guy would end up costing half what a new one would and who's to say it won't break again in another year. We looked online, compared prices, models, read reviews and settled on the AEG and planned on going to see it first before we were 100% sure it was the one.

Then we thought, wonder if the warranty really is out of date...let's see. Run upstairs to the file folder and found the warranty is still good! Until July 17th!! But it's Friday. And most places are closed on Monday for a bank holiday (I don't know what holiday it is, but banks close a lot here and always on a Monday. I liked working for the bank) and then wouldn't it be our luck to phone on Tuesday and they say "Awww, too bad. no luck. Want to renew?" So I asked Hubs, I'll call now, when do they close? "6:00", we look at the clock and it reads 5:59. I make the call.

I get through the confusing list of push button options and finally get: A person! Who's not clocked out yet. And who takes my call and arranges for an engineer to come out for Wednesday!! Hooray!!

So, lets hope that works out. It probably needs a new seal as I have noticed the occasional grey lump of rubber come out with the washing.

I got an exciting e-mail today. It said:

Your order is being prepared for dispatch (#202-4777915-XXXXX)
Greetings from,

We thought you would like to know that the following item will be sent to:

Me at my address...

Your order #202-4777915-XXXXX (received 14-June-2007)
Ordered Title Price Dispatching Subtotal
--------------------------------------------------------------------- items (Sold by Amazon EU S.a.r.L.):

1 Harry Potter and the Death... �8.99 1 �8.99

Subtotal: �8.99
Delivery Charge: �2.75
Total: �11.74

Oh hell yeah. SO EXCITED!

So I also got the day off from work yesterday. Showed up for my shift to find the doors shut and a note saying that due to system failures the shop was closed until Sunday. Very Huh? but Yay! moment.

We decided to get Chinese food for dinner later on so drove back up to the shop two doors down from the store and I got to eavesdrop on an interview with the restaurant owner and newspaper reporter, where he said Tesco had had a bomb threat and they closed the shop for safety. Yikes! I live in a small town. The grocery store is tiny compared to superstores. Why threaten our little shop? Still don't know who made the threats but the police are saying it's not linked to extremists. Some paper down south reported it may an animal rights group who are upset about how Tesco treats some ocean turtle...I dunno.

So no machine to wash clothes and an overflowing basket means we were off to the laundrette. Which one? Well...we drive to FIVE before we found one that open. We had to drive 45 miles to get there. Cost £11 and took two hours. What a waste of an afternoon! But, I must admit, I love that warm, soapy, humid smell of laundrettes. I like the hum of all the machines and the dry heat that comes from the tumble dryers. I love to fold towels hot from the dryer; just hug every one before putting it into the basket.

I ran this morning and it was a fucking chore! I hated every minute of it. Everything was tight, sore and not working - at least until the last ten minutes where I got my second wind and pelted down the road at top speed, heart rate at 178BPM and felt amazing.BUT I've been a bit of a piggie today and have eaten too much so I'll go for a walk later on. Get me tunes in me ears and stomp the damned pavement - leave my footprints in the asphalt.

I'm getting near that time of the month - I know some of you keep tabs, just so you're up to date, and I am a little bloated and really wanting chocolate. Chocolate and salted popcorn. Maybe together. and beer. I never want beer...unless I'm pregnant...NO. *laugh* no nooooo. But yeah a beer would be nice.

Must do more push-ups.

I'll be very busy for the next two weeks. Walking nearly six miles everyday on top of my regular run. Sassyface is in camp for the next weeks and the extra walk is to take her and pick her up, and then my own walk to the sport center and back. Three trips to the Sport Center every day. I am fucking insane, but will be looking good for all the hard work. Let's see if I can do it. OH and pray for no rain, ok? Remember - I don't drive.


Chunks said...

You don't drive? Oh my stomach just gurgled and surprised me. Anyway, how do you stay so motivated to run? I'm serious. I spent a bajillion dollars on a treadmill and can't force myself on the damn thing. Do you have a partner? The damn dog just farted. Too many random things are going on in this comment, I shouldn't hit send but I am going to.

Nocturnal said...

Very cool, Harry Potter kicks. Quite the email there to set aside your washing machine woes.

Lyvvie said...

Chunks: motivation is relief from the voice that calls me a failure and praise from the one that says good job. Don't think for a minute that every morning I don't think about going back to sleep. But we get that choice: go or stay. And I go. And every move I make helps set that decision in place, from getting out of bed, getting the HRM on, the bulletproof bra - which is an effort, getting dressed, tying laces on my sneakers, clipping the MP3 to my waistband, starting the stopwatch - all of these steps have the same questions: Keep going or back to bed? If you choose keep going more often, it becomes easier to not go back to bed.

Although this morning, there was rain and I went back to bed. I hate having wet feet in wet shoes.

Nocturnal - nice blog! So edgy it needs point protectors for child safety. OH - and we use the Logitech wireless mouse - not too many buttons, and it's unisex so it can be used my lefties and righties.Hubs bought one of these perspex light refracting mouse pads . It works but is no big deal really.

Lyvvie said...

Oh, and no I have no running partners. I tied to get company but no one wants to take part. I learned fast fitness is a one person game. Soon though, I learned to appreciate the solitude. Besides, treadmills are kind of boring. You need some music to lift your spirits, fun music. Silly music. POLKA Music!

Maja said...

Wow! So lucky about the washing machine warranty!

We had to do our washing at a laundromat for a while until we got a new one and it was a total rigmarole, although the laundromat was only down the road a few kms.

Good luck with your mega exercise!

Blazngfyre said...

I like that new washer/dryer.

I can't convince the husband to get an all-in-one.
Putz (him, not you).

As for saying you're insane, well, after reading that exercise regiment, i'd have to agree.
You're are completely BONKERS!
Of course, when you tell how much weight you've lost and I see pics of you all skinny, i'll be jealous as HELL! lol

Lyvvie said...

All in one machines are ok, but we have them because most kitchens are small. I would LOVE the big American sized Maytags again. Please!

I'll be a wee ways away from "skinny" For all this hard work gives small results. It's no wonder people lose motivation when they can't realise it may take years to lose a lot of weight. I lost 38lbs in 9 months and then lost nothing for 8 months, so we'll see if I can lose the last 40lbs in the next 9 months?

But I really want chocolate today.

gusgreeper said...

i got a similar email from chapters and was VERY EXCITED INDEEED.