Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm Done.

I've just finished the book. I guess I'll wait another week or so for other people to finish it too - but anyone who wants to e-mail me (Lyvvie at gmail dot com) and have a good ole' rant/rave session then please - let's indulge.

Just so you know, I loved it. I hated one bit so much I had to put the book down for a couple hours until I stopped stewing.

And Snape is such a fibber...seriously I think he needs to be gittin' some. Let's all try and find him his Dugger so his scowl subsides.

You know, Dugger nothing - let it be ME!


gusgreeper said...

hey! i am done toooooooooo :)
what part pissed you off come over to GG and tell me!!!

Chunks said...

I am third in line to read it here, Tween is about halfway through or so. She keeps putting it down. Not sure if she is pissed off too or just trying to savor it. I'm planning on reading 1-6 again before I tackle it. Harry Potter makes me weep, so I'm bracing myself.

Dctraxe said...

I don't have the book yet,, I read all the highlights off a spoiler site...*tongue*

Lyvvie said...

I went over to Gus's and everyone was still being oh so polite! Woman - Chapter 31 - Pissed me off!

Chunks - If I'd known I'd have sent you the spare copy I got...yeah I accidentally ordered two.So hurry up and read it!!

Dr. - cheaters never prosper, mate.