Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I do it for the mild amusements...

So, I found a biorhythm site that compares your bios with famous people's bios. Well, and anyone else whose birthday you may know. I don't hold much stock in biorhythms, but it's worth at least a half hour of my time to see which Hollywood stars I'd be able to get a leg over.

One cool thing I found out is: I'm highly compatible with Three out of Four Batmans! Yup I scored 97% for Christain Bale, 91% with George Clooney, 88% with Michael Keaton and a paltry 44% with Val Kilmer; which is fine as he was the bad Batman.

I'm also highly compatible with:

98% with Bill Gates, I do like geeks it has to be said.
96% with Chow Yun Fat.
93% with David Boreanaz, I love Angel.
92% with Chuck Norris. (singing Ultimate Showdown now)
91% with Jude Law and Tom Cruise (Ick on both counts may I add)
90% with Jim Carrey and Pierce Brosnon (Strip poker with these two would be great.)

and the shocker of it all: 100% compatible with: Donald Rumsfeld.

I didn't do well with sports figures or typically moody sorts like Keanu Reeves or Harrison Ford.

I'm also 97% compatible with my Husband which is how I know this is all phooey...But like I said - it filled the half hour.

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Chunks said...

I'm 98% compatible with Sarah Silverman! Wow! I didn't think I'd be compatible with ANYONE! LOL! I love her, she's edgy!