Thursday, July 12, 2007

Grr, grumble, pout

Fucking blogger isn't loading my page. browser is being a pig and I'm stuck in the house due to bad weather. I'm fucking bored!

I would read my book, but for some reason everytime I open the tome a child appears and *needs* something. It's like magic *open book* "Mummy, can I have an ice lolly/cereal bar/cup of juice/bath?" *big sigh*

It's only week one of school vacation. Five more to go. five more to go. five more to go.

*dreams of blissful freedom school will bring me for a few hours each day* "Mummy..."



NWJR said...

My "magical child summoner" is the telephone. They appear whenever it's a call for me.

I should patent that...

Blazngfyre said...

Hell, all I have to do is BE in the house and that triggers my "magical child summoner"!
(I stole it before you could patent it NWJR! lol)

Chunks said...

I felt the same way yesterday. I made hubby take them all away and I was left alone for five hours. How did I spend my fee time? Cleaning. Cuz cleaning makes me feel less crazy.