Sunday, July 01, 2007


There we go - first 5K race finished! Hooray!

It was pretty great. It had rained last night and this morning, but had stopped by race time. The drive there was scary as the roads were smothered in fog. We got to Beveridge park...having asked "Do I have to? It' crappy out. No one would know." But husband said "It's all up to you." which means I'd have to make the right choice. If he'd been even a little bit conspiratorial I might have lied to you all and said I had gone but really was just cozied up in bed playing Lego Starwars....ok I wouldn't have lied. But there's no way I'd have given the money back.

The park is amazing! I'd never been before but it has the biggest kiddies play park ever so the kids were fully occupied the whole time. there's a pond with swan-boats - I've not seen swan boats since Boston Common. It's big too, covers a few miles of grasslands and woodlands and paved tracks.

There had to be about 2000 people there and half were belly dancing as a warm up. I held back, looking for any familiar faces, but they called for the runners first and so got positioned close to the front of the group, and off we went. It was on grass. I haven't practiced running on grass and don't run on grass because it really hurts my knee, and if I'd known the race would be on grass I'd have trained on grass. But as it was I was there and just plain had to suck it up and go. I set an easy pace and battled through my first half mile - always the worst. Everything hurts then, breath is a mess but it got sorted. The first thing we do is go up a grassy hill. No, a muddy, slippy wet hill.

My new sneakers were ruined in about five minutes. I'm not bothered, they were cheap and easy to replace. Good thing the rain held off. Women were stopping to walk all over, there were wee kids racing ahead...we didn't like them them. I kept on. The knee started pinching after half way and I speed-walked for about 500 meters while it loosened off again and then ran the last of the race. At the end I got a goodies bag of snacks and shower gel (Do I smell?!), a medal and a shiny silver bag. The nice part was walking back towards the playground and having strangers congratulate me. Normally folks don't notice me much at all, but put a medal around my neck and I'm easily approachable. I shall wear it everywhere from now on. In fact I think if I wear it all the time, I could have a career in television.

My legs ache, I'm a bit tired and I completely blew the diet with a splurge of cookies and Chinese food. Back to the diet Monday. Back to the gym tomorrow too.

I'm writing again. Not like this, right now, I mean the proper sense. It will continue until I find it crushing my head again and then take another vacation.

Training for a 10K will begin this week.

I have no pictures. Like Rich (NWJR) I am always the one behind the camera and the only way I get pictures of myself, is to take them myself. I've always loved having my picture taken but must have done something in a past life that means I'm never the attractive subject of photography no matter how much I want to be. Someday someone will find me interesting enough to take pictures of me. So, as far as if all of this is true - you'll just have to trust me.


gusgreeper said...

congratulations! that is really awesome!!! good luck training for the 10.

Maja said...

Congratulations doll, well done :)

Chunks said...

You need to read Dawn's book The Non-Runner's Guide to Marathon Running, to help you continue in your training!

Congratulations! I would have opted for the cuddle in bed with a good book route, but I'm proud of you for not! It's an accomplishment you should be proud of, where your medal often! :)

Crystal* said...

Lyvvie, my dear, you know I adore you. *grins*

Congrats and way to go on finishing the race! And I want a picture with the medal around your neck. You know...for posterity and all that.
And yes...3 am does rather suck if I'm not having hot dreams.

Anonymous said...

I think you captured the moment(s) in which you were to follow.

Loved reading about your race---I'm hoping/training to do likewise.


jmc said...


Beth said...

Yay! CONGRATS!!! I'm SO happy you did it, and on grass too, you amazing thing you. Brava, brava, bravissi-issi-issima!!

Sylvana said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! That's probably 10x longer than I could ever run, unless I was being chased by a bear - but even then I wouldn't run very long because they can definitely run faster then me.