Tuesday, July 31, 2007


It's National Orgasm Day!! How will you be celebrating?

Yeah ok stupid question....Get to it!

I do it for the mild amusements...

So, I found a biorhythm site that compares your bios with famous people's bios. Well, and anyone else whose birthday you may know. I don't hold much stock in biorhythms, but it's worth at least a half hour of my time to see which Hollywood stars I'd be able to get a leg over.

One cool thing I found out is: I'm highly compatible with Three out of Four Batmans! Yup I scored 97% for Christain Bale, 91% with George Clooney, 88% with Michael Keaton and a paltry 44% with Val Kilmer; which is fine as he was the bad Batman.

I'm also highly compatible with:

98% with Bill Gates, I do like geeks it has to be said.
96% with Chow Yun Fat.
93% with David Boreanaz, I love Angel.
92% with Chuck Norris. (singing Ultimate Showdown now)
91% with Jude Law and Tom Cruise (Ick on both counts may I add)
90% with Jim Carrey and Pierce Brosnon (Strip poker with these two would be great.)

and the shocker of it all: 100% compatible with: Donald Rumsfeld.

I didn't do well with sports figures or typically moody sorts like Keanu Reeves or Harrison Ford.

I'm also 97% compatible with my Husband which is how I know this is all phooey...But like I said - it filled the half hour.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Differant again...

I must take this quiz every four months or so and always get a new result. I'm sure I wasn't greedy at all the last time.

Lust:Very High

Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

I'm sure this is just a "High Maintenance" phase I'm going through. Honest....I'm still good!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm not easy to live with...

I was a grumpy bitch yesterday. Poor Husband got nagged to death...well not death. Nagged into skyward glances and occasional cries for strength. I want to go home, I want to see my Mom and family, I want to go on a date - movie and dinner and no curfew, I want more passion in my life, I feel static and need something to move forward with, I want randy, sweaty sex (In fact if he'd just grabbed me and set me to rights the complaining would've stopped). and nag nag nag...

He told me I need to make up my mind, first Australia, now America - either way it's emigration and getting away from here I said, so the where too is different - so what? Either way it'll be two years before we could move, we discussed the strategy at length. I said if I went back to work full time we could half that, but he said the kids are thriving with me at home and it's best I stay - tied down with a guilt tag of neglected children. It was all finished with: Lyvvie needs to be patient. But - we'll be able to fly out for a visit in July next year. Sigh.

As a result I was frustrated, cursing my luck, situation, circumstances. I went for a run, ran too hard. Went to work and worked too hard and this morning - I'm sore. Everything is sore. But I don't want to sit and rest, I want to push it further, how sore can I get? Sounds sick but it's what happens because obviously I've pushed a limit so let's push it again. Further frustrated that when I got home last night, I was prepared to seduce the Husband (even after the nagging; see I'm an optimist) but he was queasy as he'd stuffed himself with pizza and cookies for dinner - yes he's twelve. So...

I'm getting my running shoes on. Take a couple paracetamol. Talk to myself about the virtues of patience and try and be content in the here and now.

...my house still smells of cookies.

Friday, July 27, 2007

And so it dawns...

Victorie. As in Victory. As in Victor. Not Frenchie sounding VicTwar, but Victor-E.

Really Ron, How could you have allowed such a thing?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Why do kids have a super sonar that let's them know Mummy and Daddy are being a bit naughty together?? That they sense this and must MUST barge in on the poor Mummy and Daddy forcing them to lie to their sweet wee innocent faces with absurd things like "Oh! Well, uhm...your silly Daddy got his boxers stuck in his zipper and I was, uhm getting them unstuck with my teeth...Hey - go get some cookies downstairs! Do you want some cookies? Yeah - go on then, get out..."

We're getting a lock for the door.

I Love Snape.

And I love him even more now.

Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm Done.

I've just finished the book. I guess I'll wait another week or so for other people to finish it too - but anyone who wants to e-mail me (Lyvvie at gmail dot com) and have a good ole' rant/rave session then please - let's indulge.

Just so you know, I loved it. I hated one bit so much I had to put the book down for a couple hours until I stopped stewing.

And Snape is such a fibber...seriously I think he needs to be gittin' some. Let's all try and find him his Dugger so his scowl subsides.

You know, Dugger nothing - let it be ME!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Temporary Hiatus.

I'll be taking a full media blackout until I finish Harry Potter. I am thus far, unspoiled. See you soon when I reopen the blog to, hopefully, have tons of discussions!!

Have a nice weekend, everyone!



Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vain in the Brain

I got my hair straighteners. While taking pictures of myself to see it properly, Shorty wanted to get in on the vanity to.

Photo 103
Photo 101
Photo 105
Photo 106

I need a trim and some low-lights. My hair gets very light in the sun and I don't suit being blonde. I know, I've tried. It's painful.

thanks to Chels, I'll be spending too much time Here *Have fun in Europe Chelsea! Love you!* *kiss kiss*

Sunday, July 15, 2007


The washing machine died on Friday. I was just about to do a load of towels for swimming on saturday when all the soapy water just flooded out of the bottom of the machine. Nice. We began looking on the internet for a replacement, seeing as this one was probably past its warranty being four years old, and calling out a repair guy would end up costing half what a new one would and who's to say it won't break again in another year. We looked online, compared prices, models, read reviews and settled on the AEG and planned on going to see it first before we were 100% sure it was the one.

Then we thought, wonder if the warranty really is out of date...let's see. Run upstairs to the file folder and found the warranty is still good! Until July 17th!! But it's Friday. And most places are closed on Monday for a bank holiday (I don't know what holiday it is, but banks close a lot here and always on a Monday. I liked working for the bank) and then wouldn't it be our luck to phone on Tuesday and they say "Awww, too bad. no luck. Want to renew?" So I asked Hubs, I'll call now, when do they close? "6:00", we look at the clock and it reads 5:59. I make the call.

I get through the confusing list of push button options and finally get: A person! Who's not clocked out yet. And who takes my call and arranges for an engineer to come out for Wednesday!! Hooray!!

So, lets hope that works out. It probably needs a new seal as I have noticed the occasional grey lump of rubber come out with the washing.

I got an exciting e-mail today. It said:

Your Amazon.co.uk order is being prepared for dispatch (#202-4777915-XXXXX)
Greetings from Amazon.co.uk,

We thought you would like to know that the following item will be sent to:

Me at my address...

Your order #202-4777915-XXXXX (received 14-June-2007)
Ordered Title Price Dispatching Subtotal
Amazon.co.uk items (Sold by Amazon EU S.a.r.L.):

1 Harry Potter and the Death... �8.99 1 �8.99

Subtotal: �8.99
Delivery Charge: �2.75
Total: �11.74

Oh hell yeah. SO EXCITED!

So I also got the day off from work yesterday. Showed up for my shift to find the doors shut and a note saying that due to system failures the shop was closed until Sunday. Very Huh? but Yay! moment.

We decided to get Chinese food for dinner later on so drove back up to the shop two doors down from the store and I got to eavesdrop on an interview with the restaurant owner and newspaper reporter, where he said Tesco had had a bomb threat and they closed the shop for safety. Yikes! I live in a small town. The grocery store is tiny compared to superstores. Why threaten our little shop? Still don't know who made the threats but the police are saying it's not linked to extremists. Some paper down south reported it may an animal rights group who are upset about how Tesco treats some ocean turtle...I dunno.

So no machine to wash clothes and an overflowing basket means we were off to the laundrette. Which one? Well...we drive to FIVE before we found one that open. We had to drive 45 miles to get there. Cost £11 and took two hours. What a waste of an afternoon! But, I must admit, I love that warm, soapy, humid smell of laundrettes. I like the hum of all the machines and the dry heat that comes from the tumble dryers. I love to fold towels hot from the dryer; just hug every one before putting it into the basket.

I ran this morning and it was a fucking chore! I hated every minute of it. Everything was tight, sore and not working - at least until the last ten minutes where I got my second wind and pelted down the road at top speed, heart rate at 178BPM and felt amazing.BUT I've been a bit of a piggie today and have eaten too much so I'll go for a walk later on. Get me tunes in me ears and stomp the damned pavement - leave my footprints in the asphalt.

I'm getting near that time of the month - I know some of you keep tabs, just so you're up to date, and I am a little bloated and really wanting chocolate. Chocolate and salted popcorn. Maybe together. and beer. I never want beer...unless I'm pregnant...NO. *laugh* no nooooo. But yeah a beer would be nice.

Must do more push-ups.

I'll be very busy for the next two weeks. Walking nearly six miles everyday on top of my regular run. Sassyface is in camp for the next weeks and the extra walk is to take her and pick her up, and then my own walk to the sport center and back. Three trips to the Sport Center every day. I am fucking insane, but will be looking good for all the hard work. Let's see if I can do it. OH and pray for no rain, ok? Remember - I don't drive.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The feet need a beat...

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Some of the music I listen to when running. Any other time it bugs me, but it's essential for running and keeps me motivated.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sometimes, I'm just not good enough.

I'm in a funk. I don't know why, as nothing bad has happened. I'm just not happy at this minute. I'm sure it will change, maybe better, maybe worse.

I'm at the mercy of the voice inside, and today it tells me, with quite certainty: I am not good enough. I have a shower but it doesn't matter because :I am not good enough. I make meals for the kids, but doesn't matter because: I am not good enough. I do my hair, put some make-up on but why bother because:I am not good enough.

Can I talk to people today? Not really because I don't know what to say. Everything comes out wrong and I just know they're all thinking: I'm not good enough. Or worse, that I'm not worth talking to because I'm not my normal jolly self. Not really in a mood to bury it and carry on regardless.

It'll pass. Run its course. Hopefully I'll not have lost any respect, or friends or hair. money. patience...

I took the girls out last night to the beach, after dinner. It was really low tide. When we got to the shoreline, we couldn't stand still for long or our shoes would sink in the mud. There were hundreds of rock pools to investigate, and Shorty fell over and was covered in mud. Then the battery died on my camera (Well, it told me it was "exhausted" which just sums what I hear all time every day from around me) so I only got a few pictures. It was still beautiful, a little warm, sweet breeze that took the low tide smell away. We collected rocks, searched for an elusive fossil and just never wanted to go back home.

Shorty on the Beach
Forth Rail Bridge
Biggest Rockpool
Manmade Rockpool
House across the river.

Grr, grumble, pout

Fucking blogger isn't loading my page. browser is being a pig and I'm stuck in the house due to bad weather. I'm fucking bored!

I would read my book, but for some reason everytime I open the tome a child appears and *needs* something. It's like magic *open book* "Mummy, can I have an ice lolly/cereal bar/cup of juice/bath?" *big sigh*

It's only week one of school vacation. Five more to go. five more to go. five more to go.

*dreams of blissful freedom school will bring me for a few hours each day* "Mummy..."


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I've Been Sorted!

Here are the sorted details...

The sorting hat says that I belong in Ravenclaw!


Said Ravenclaw, "We'll teach those whose intelligence is surest."

Ravenclaw students tend to be clever, witty, intelligent, and knowledgeable.
Notable residents include Cho Chang and Padma Patil (objects of Harry and Ron's affections), and Luna Lovegood (daughter of The Quibbler magazine's editor).

Take the most scientific Harry Potter
ever created.

Get Sorted Now!

Where are you?

Monday, July 09, 2007

Smart Bitches Day!

Here I am to take part, for a change, in Smart Bitches Day as always hosted by our beloved, and gallbladderless, Beth. We send her love and chicken soup.

Just finished S is for Silence by Sue Grafton Which is the...(abcd...19th?) book in her Alphabet mystery series. Or is it alphabet murders? I don't think there's always a murder...anyways. I've read them all and adore them.

They star our singleton heroine, Kinsey Millhone, who is 37 and a former police officer turned private detective. She lives alone, most of her friends are spunky elderly people, and she likes her independence and privacy. She runs every morning at 6am for three miles and her favourite sandwich is peanut butter and pickles. I love this woman. I want to be her - I'd even tolerate the disgusting palate. Would she swap lives with me? Not in a million years.

In this book Kinsey's been hired a woman to find out what happened to her mother, who disappeared in 1953. (The book takes place in 1987) and we head out to small town California - blink and you'll miss it - Serena Station.

The story chapter flips between 1953 and the story perspectives from each of the various townspeople who are involved with our missing mother, Violet Sullivan. Violet is...well to be honest she's a floozy. Drinks too much, sleeps around and acts out in any way she can. She's beautiful, seductive and manipulative. So of course the women all hate her and the men all love her, but never let anyone know. Kind of like Cher in Mermaids, but a hyper exaggerated, red haired version.

Kinsey is her usual, logical tenacious self and managed to rub everyone up the wrong way and still bristle brush information off their backs. There's a feeling of "This ain't your town, so stop nosing around." but all with the veneer of complete politeness. They are all so deep in layered secrets and lies it's amazing Kinsey isn't skipping with joy through this story.

I am rather proud of myself that I managed to pick up a theme in this book - I'm rubbish at finding themes or hidden meanings or "What the author was really trying to convey was..." bollocks, but here I picked up on a 7 deadly sins theme. And they are all there; the lustful(Violet and everyone she sleeps with), wrathful(The men who find out they aren't the only ones and their wives), greedy(The man married to the rich woman who won't shed a dime his way), sloth(Violet's husband), Envy (Anyone who has contact with Violet - she's a shit stirrer) and Pride (The pious brigade who use Moral Rearmament to move themselves above the poor and depraved, who tended to be the rich and snooty too.)

Sue Grafton is a dialog master, I envy her ability to make dialog so easy, flowing and concise. The sad part about her books is they go so fast. they are easy reads, but filled with so much I am left with that hollow, sad, how-dare-she-end-it-now? feeling.

My only complaint with this book is that the final scene, where she faces off the murderer and is fighting for her life, armed with her favourite gun (I forget what it is I'm not into those details) and he's trying to...ah almost gave it away! I must be careful - but anyways it's too short! And Grafton leaves out some important stuff - I mean there's a reason why bad guys monologue, it's to confess and tell us how and why they did it. But no such luck this time, and then he's done in and I'm left thinking, he came to his end far too soon. And I've just typed and erased several versions of a sentence that will give away the ending so I'll just say - it left me wanting.

You have to admire Grafton's ability to want to bring 26 books to fruition all based on the same character's adventures. She's taking her time with them too, as the first one, A is for Alibi, was published in 1982. I'm looking forward now, for T is for Trespass, due out in December - so I think I know what to ask for, for Christmas.

This, has inspired me. I've been faced with a routine disruption that I didn't know how to handle. I normally go to the gym and book the kids to the creche for two hours, but as Sassyface is now eight, she's too old for the creche. I couldn't let her sit in the lobby and play games on her DS for that time, regardless of how much she'd love it. So on reading Kinsey, I took attention to her habit of getting up at 6am everyday to go for a three mile run. I kept thinking "I could do that" and you know what: I'm now doing that. It makes perfect sense to get up an hour before Husband and then run, I'm back in 40 minutes and in time to wake him up for work, get his lunch made and be there for the kids. I can still go to the gym later tonight after the girls are in bed - so it works this way. It's a nice feeling to know I've already had my workout before anyone else is up. It'll be harder when it starts getting later for sunrise, but that's what reflective clothes are for. So - Thank you Kinsey - you solved a problem for me too.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Me thinks the Plateau - she is gone!

I've noticed over the past couple weeks that my jeans are getting looser. Today I was typing at the computer and noticed my backside was cold. A draft wafting down the crevice since I'd opened the doors to let the sea breeze through the house. So I decided to pay some attention to the actual state of these jeans...

Need new jeans

Although I couldn't photo it, I was able to see down the pant leg to my sock.
Too big again!

The beloved Denim Erection! As snapped between my breasts. It is a lucky camera, isn't it.
The denim erection - Oh yeah!

And yes -I buy cheap grocery store jeans. Why spend a fortune on jeans that aren't going to fit for long, I tell myself. But once I get to goal weight there's going to be a splurge on a new wardrobe. I'll post a glossy magazine's worth of pictures what happens - heck I'll video it! It seems, running has gotten the groove on again.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


There we go - first 5K race finished! Hooray!

It was pretty great. It had rained last night and this morning, but had stopped by race time. The drive there was scary as the roads were smothered in fog. We got to Beveridge park...having asked "Do I have to? It' crappy out. No one would know." But husband said "It's all up to you." which means I'd have to make the right choice. If he'd been even a little bit conspiratorial I might have lied to you all and said I had gone but really was just cozied up in bed playing Lego Starwars....ok I wouldn't have lied. But there's no way I'd have given the money back.

The park is amazing! I'd never been before but it has the biggest kiddies play park ever so the kids were fully occupied the whole time. there's a pond with swan-boats - I've not seen swan boats since Boston Common. It's big too, covers a few miles of grasslands and woodlands and paved tracks.

There had to be about 2000 people there and half were belly dancing as a warm up. I held back, looking for any familiar faces, but they called for the runners first and so got positioned close to the front of the group, and off we went. It was on grass. I haven't practiced running on grass and don't run on grass because it really hurts my knee, and if I'd known the race would be on grass I'd have trained on grass. But as it was I was there and just plain had to suck it up and go. I set an easy pace and battled through my first half mile - always the worst. Everything hurts then, breath is a mess but it got sorted. The first thing we do is go up a grassy hill. No, a muddy, slippy wet hill.

My new sneakers were ruined in about five minutes. I'm not bothered, they were cheap and easy to replace. Good thing the rain held off. Women were stopping to walk all over, there were wee kids racing ahead...we didn't like them them. I kept on. The knee started pinching after half way and I speed-walked for about 500 meters while it loosened off again and then ran the last of the race. At the end I got a goodies bag of snacks and shower gel (Do I smell?!), a medal and a shiny silver bag. The nice part was walking back towards the playground and having strangers congratulate me. Normally folks don't notice me much at all, but put a medal around my neck and I'm easily approachable. I shall wear it everywhere from now on. In fact I think if I wear it all the time, I could have a career in television.

My legs ache, I'm a bit tired and I completely blew the diet with a splurge of cookies and Chinese food. Back to the diet Monday. Back to the gym tomorrow too.

I'm writing again. Not like this, right now, I mean the proper sense. It will continue until I find it crushing my head again and then take another vacation.

Training for a 10K will begin this week.

I have no pictures. Like Rich (NWJR) I am always the one behind the camera and the only way I get pictures of myself, is to take them myself. I've always loved having my picture taken but must have done something in a past life that means I'm never the attractive subject of photography no matter how much I want to be. Someday someone will find me interesting enough to take pictures of me. So, as far as if all of this is true - you'll just have to trust me.