Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You heard it here first!

The Room of Requirement is now open on J.K.!! you can take your third wombat test, where there are some hidden thought provoking questions - like what's the counter curse for the Cruciatus curse? Are we going to see Harry going into some intense Auror training with Mad-eye Moody now Dumbledore is gone?

Rowling says two characters die in this last book - who will they be? I personally don't think she'll kill off anyone in the trilogy of Hermione, Ron and Harry. I think it'll be Hagrid and Voldemort. Hagrid because now Dumbledore is gone, he'll go a bit off the rails, drown his sorrows in the pub and become angry, vengeful and...make himself far to vulnerable. I could be wrong! He could rise above, wake up to realities and strike out! But his wizarding skills are weak and he's been very protected by Dumbeldore all of his life. I'm going with grief induced foolishness of doom.

Also there's a tizzy about the fact that Salazar Slytherin is the wizard of the month, wearing a SILVER locket - not gold. We all thought it was gold didn't we....yeah you did, don't lie. In OOTP when they're clearing out the Black family heirlooms and they mention a locket that no one could open...was that one described as gold or silver? Can you remember? I can't so you'll have to go check.

Actually, now I think on it, with the new book out in 37 days I should re-read the OOTP and THBP just so I'm all refreshed and up to date and not missing any tidbits of information that my lazy skimming brain may have leapt over.

If you've never been to JK Rowling's site before have lots of fun as there are about 10 easter eggs to find - I'll give you one, type PEEVES (733837) into the telephone.


Chunks said...

I haven't read six yet and my kids have been harping on me to get it done. I want to re-read the entire series, complete with seven once it's out, so I'm holding out. It makes me cry though, because I always want to adopt him. Sigh. Harry Potter. I won't be able to read it without imagining him like he was in the play he was in. You know, the naked one where he is all ripped and buff and um, naked.

Lyvvie said...

Yeah *dreamy dreamland dream dream* I must stop doing that. I mean he's barely legal for fuck's sake. But YEAH!

But feel sorry for him because folks who are ripped, and buff and naked are really hungry and really we kind sorts should give him a meal and a warm no, blanket.

Riss said...

I love Harry Potter. So much.

gusgreeper said...

my book is coming on saturday delivery sweet.

Lyvvie said...

Had a mini fit for a sec as I thought you were getting the book on Saturday. Which would be SO UNFAIR. But saturday delivery is another thing.

I'll get mine on launch day, ah to live in the UK, and I'll then go into media blackout until I have read all of the book. Maybe even read it twice. So no TV, no internet, no people, no newspapers. To avoid spoliers. Last book with the idiots who drove around the queues outside B&N shouting "Dumbeldore dies!" will not have an effect on me. I'll not even talk to Evan the Postman, just in case he let's something slip "Really nasty news about Hagrid - I feel your pain. Later." IT COULD HAPPEN! and then I'd have to kill him of course.

tornwordo said...

I've just read 1-4 in a row and am halfway through OOTP. What is this business about Dumbledore gone? I hope you are referring to the 6th (which I have on reserve at the library) but am also horrified. What do you mean "with Dumbledore gone?" Now I'm upset, lol.