Thursday, June 14, 2007

Right now...

I'm roasting a large amount of peppers in the oven. They must be in peak season just now as they are huge and cost only .39pence. So I bought, uhm, a dozen. I will roast them up, make sauce with them and freezer it up for the summer. I'm stock piling.

I am home. I've taking this week off from the gym. Not because I want to but because with Sassy's birthday I couldn't budget it in this week. I get paid tomorrow and all will be back to normal next week. I figured The money would be better spent spoiling myself in Glasgow. I have not, however, taken a break. I have been doing my Tae-Bo DVDs, much to the amusement of the Short Child. Billy Blanks makes my abs ache ache ache! But I love his workouts.

I am also doing laundry. A load of darks if you care to know. Following that will be a load of brights. Then I'm done with laundry. Then again, I still haven't folded the clothes I washed and dried yesterday. I often wish I had Hermoine's talking organizer to urge me on to not put off until tomorrow...

So last week was the last episode of Ugly Betty, and last night was the last episode of The Apprentice UK style (which is so much better than the US one as Trump is a dick and Sir Allan is awesome)

I am drinking white tea. Evidently it's the new green tea. I like it MUCH better than green or black tea. For one, no matter how long you steep it, it never gets bitter. Which means, I don't have to add milk to it. This is the first tea I've ever been able to drink black. And don't go thinking I'm some wuss drinker because I like my coffee black, no sugar no nothing. Coffee black is fine, tea black is awful! But white tea served black is rather good. It still has all the antioxidant goodness and metabolism boosting too, and it's lower caffeine. I love it.

I'm wearing a sweater that I don't like very much but don't want to throw away because people tell me it looks nice on me. I think the next charity shop clearout we have this sweater will be in the bag.

I'm listening to Shorty make obscenely loud pig-snort noises while she sings the theme to Peppa Pig. I'm worried she'll give herself a hemorrhage if she oinks so loud all the time. And she is loud. I pity her future husband who has to try and sleep with the noise this child makes, if it's an indication of her snoring ability.

I'm making spicy bean burgers for lunch. With salad.

I'm waiting for delivery of a package I ordered on Tuesday which includes a new flat iron. I keep being told my hair looks so much better straight than curly (talk to God about it, the curls are in the genetics (almost said genes which would've been rude. funny but rude) and I shouldn't care, but, fuck-it) the other items are Max Factor mascara and lipgloss, pull-up pants that were on special and a bottle of men's cologne that Husband may like. If he doesn't then I might. I am not above wearing men's cologne if it smells nice.

Now that I'm talking about cologne, I've had to pop up a tab and internet search colognes.

Don't know why but I took a bunch of pictures of my eye. *shrug*

I am avoiding the news today. Don't want to read/hear/see any more bad news about Maddie McCann.

I'm annoyed that my two front teeth are different colours. They're not real (broke my real ones when I was nine, diving in the shallow end. Just don't do it.) and have been re-done by two different dentists in the past five years. I really, and only for the sake of vanity, want to have them done properly so I look normal again. The yellower one was done by an angry dentist who was annoyed I smoked and made my teeth much yellower than they really were. Then she left her dentist practice. I broke my right front tooth again in 2004 (by getting it stuck in the prongs of a fork - don't bite your fork, just don't do it.) and I have now two different coloured teeth.

This has made me laugh out loud, and I'm not a laugh out loud kind of person. Husband has told me I can't read Evil Editor's blog while he's watching TV as my LOLs are annoyingly distracting. But the image of Jack Lalanne... (who's in his 90's now.)

That's all I feel like sharing for now. Because time never stands still, I could write an ongoing description of right now, forever. And I can't do that.


NWJR said...

"Because time is never stands still, I could write an ongoing description of right now, forever. And I can't do that."

That's frighteningly profound, and kind of scary at the same time.

It's why I alway write about the past.

Lyvvie said...

UGH! You quoted it after I edited's better now. *wink*

Chunks said...

I loved this post. You have great eyes...enjoy them and take lots of snaps of them because before you know it, they will be wrinkled and you will be like "WTF happened to my nice eyes?!" Or maybe that will only happen to me.

Maja said...

Isn't it funny that there are clothes that apparently look nice on you but that you hate. I have those. You know, sometimes it's better to put it away and then when you get it out years later it could suddenly become your favourite item of clothing.

Laundry laundry laundry. I do a load every day when I'm at home, and it's only me and Jason. I shudder to think what it will be like when I have kids. At the moment, it always seems to be towels. Towels towels towels. Jason's daughter is the worst. She never uses a towel more than once, and she usually uses two at a time.

I like black earl grey sometimes.

I've been blowdrying my hair every time I wash it lately and I have so many more good hair days that I can't stop blowdrying. I want a new hairdryer.

I think I'm going to go watch those reversa ads again. ;)

Lyvvie said...

I want a new hairdryer too!!! a 2000 speed ionic one with a narrow nozzle for straight hair and a diffuser for curly hair and oh yea! I want one toooo!!

I like the Fireman the gardener...fireman. I like them all.

Blazngfyre said...

I thought I was the only freak who's not above wearing Men's cologne.
I'm a big fan of Tommy Hilfiger, it smells nice on me.

I used to drink tea all the time, and now i'm back on the coffee.

Curlies in genes .... nice!
But I can totally sympathize. I purposely keep my hair very long to try and relax the natural curl my hair has, and it STILL looks like i've just had a perm! I have a kick-ass flat iron, and I love my hair straightened, but this FL heat & humidity KILL my efforts.
So I generally just let it be the wild, curly mane it is.

Lyvvie said...

*Nods**Nods* Yes yes I know how it is!! But share - what flat iron do you have? I just got a tourmaline one, and I'm MAD as I just found out it won't be here until the middle of next annoyed!

Nicola said...

You make spicey bean burgers and live in Scotland, you do Tae-Bo (which I used to sell back in my advertising days) you know my sister and you comment on my boyfriend's blog. The circles are ever decreasing... I have to read the rest of your blog and work out if I know you already...