Friday, June 01, 2007

random things...

I spent an hour the other night despairing over the state of my skin. I got so frustrated that I got out the zit popper thing and tried to get rid of a couple of blackheads - and I never get blackheads which is why I was upset. I then discovered they weren't blackheads at all but new freckles. I must increase my use of sunblock and buy a big hat.

I'm very disappointed with current fashions. I don't like these long blousy tops. I also hate capri pants. I hate stretch jeans. I am stuck in the 90's and want faded holey levis, white tee-shirt and sport jacket - once upon a time a woman could wear that and not look like a man. You could wear whatever shoes you wanted. The problem is - let's be honest - the next big thing to come back into fashion is going to be grunge and heroine chic - don't be shocked it's obvious. I'm going to start stocking up on XL flannel shirts, denim shorts and try and find me a pair of Army surplus black boots. starvation diet begins tomorrow as does my buying stock in kohl. Why does fashion suck so bad?!

I was watching a little bit of Oprah - which I don't normally do anymore because Oprah is really far up her own butt now. I liked Oprah in the 80's and 90's but for some reason turning 50 made her into a snore-bore know-it-all. As if turning 50 was a graduation into wise-woman-crone. Anyways, she was talking about how African Americans have tendencies toward high blood pressure. She said "African American" so many times it seemed ridiculous. It's not just African Americans you's African Australians, African Japanese, African Italians, African Britons, African you see where I'm going with this? African American isn't a description of race. Are white people born in Africa called Caucasian Africans? Someone born in Africa in African - but they don't necessarily have to have dark skin. The thing is, I don't think anywhere else in the world uses the term "African" before a country of origin to specify one's race. Most places just say black that bad now? I honestly think if African American didn't have such an easy alliteration it wouldn't be used.

Does anyone else remember the episode of Barney Miller (I get goosebumps from the bass line of the opening music on that show) where Ron Glass's character Ron Harris was researching his family tree and was desperate to find his African connection but he got back a few hundred years and could only find his family in Scotland?

I've tried looking around the internet to see if the term "black people" is now racist, but I can't find anything. But I did find this nugget of interest and I think it's genius. When misconception and societal boundaries collide. Nothing like smacking up stereotypes together and having a party. The best part about it is: Is it racist?? Debate. Oh, and my favourite quote from the letters section "I love the website. It highlights another interesting phenomenon that happens whenever I answer people about my ethnicity. Seems whenever I tell interested folks I'm a Native American, they always state they're part Cherokee. I'm sure the Cherokee nation had a toga fest and shagged all the white folks. Get real America."

And last of all is that my hair absolutely refuses to be straight even after a torture session with the scalding hot flat irons - I see steam with every pass and really that can't be good. Even after the irons, and a forced session with a hat to ensure flatness, I got straight, sleek hair and then it began to rain. All efforts shot to hell in a matter of minutes.

I'm going to listen to Barney Miller one more time and then do my laundry.


Suisan said...

I'm with you on the fashion thing.

Remember in the eighties when you could slap on a pair of jeans and an oversized men's blazer with the sleeves rolled up? That's what I want to be wearing every day of the week.

And African American bothers me too. For all the reasons you've listed. (No. I've never heard of an African Briton, but I think it would be funny. Course, what would we do with the Jamaicans? Are they African Caribbeans?)

My Dad was in charge of a survey of Civil Engineers, and the demographer was startled to find such a high number of "Indians" in the field. Turned out a lot of the Engineers, being literal people, had indeed checked the "Native American" box when they *should* have checked the "Caucasian" one. "Well, I was born here. Am I not a Native American?"

The next year they had to send out an explanatory note with the survey to assist the engineers.

NWJR said...

Why do we have to label people anyway? What's the freakin' point?

As my brother says, "Labels are for jars."

carrie_lofty said...

The Caucasian African thing came up when John Kerry was running for pres because his wife, Teresa, was born in Africa. It highlighted how silly African American can be because, technically, she was one.

I saw a girl get on the bus on Monday with PERMED hair. Serious. Not the skyhigh bangs, but a perm. And a gray and white hooped stretch tunic over rolled jeans. I almost laughed out loud. It was like looking at my junior high.

And Sherman Alexie, an American Indian author from a NW tribe, said something like that about the Cherokee. One of his characters mentioned that he'd never met a real Cherokee. Always white folks at powwows.

Michael said...

Fashion is for sheep. Just give me jeans and a t-shirt and I"m happy as far as clothes go.

African American is a term dreamed up by white liberals isn't it?

Lyvvie said...

Suisan, in the UK Black people from the Caribbean are called Afro-Caribbean. Can you imagine the backlash over Afro-Americans??

NWJR, I'm with you. I don't see the point. But as the Oprah show was about medical issues that affect Black people, to me, it would've made more sense to say "Black people"

Perms! Oh hell, I've smelled the solutions in the salon recently too. Cat piss and bleach: it's awful!! They're saying that because of the big rollers they use now you can get lovely spiral waves - it's still a perm to me, and also to you.

Yup. I used to buy blazers at the Salvation army - the wilder the lining the better. You can wear any shoes you want with a simple ensemble of jeans, tee shirt and a blazer. Yup. I'm blazer shopping from now on. Screw it.

Maja said...

Oh yeah, fashion is TERRIBLE these days. I'm finding it so hard to find clothes I like that actually look good. I wear t-shirts and jeans and hoodie jumpers most of the time.

Sometimes I find some really good timeless classic pieces in the designer/boutique shops. I have to pay a bit more for them, but they're worth it.

Chunks said...

Fashion smashion wear what you like!

I'm reading Whoopi Goldberg's book called BOOK and she does a whole chapter (it's written blog-style almost, ten years ago) about Black. She thinks the term African-American takes away from the entitlement of being called an American. She says there is racism in the black culture against lighter skinned blacks and vice versa. Having always been white myself, and Canadian, I find the whole thing kind of hard to relate to. They're black! Not all of them came from Africa.

I agree that Oprah does have her head firmly implanted between the cheeks of her buttocks. She needs to pump her own gas some more and get out in the real world.

SafeTinspector said...


Blazngfyre said...

Doc Martens

now THAT'S style!