Monday, June 11, 2007

Glasgow Weekend!

We had a wonderful time. We got to the Glasgow Lofts early but they were great and let us park the car in their private parking lot and then just wander about the city. We did a bit of shopping and I finally bought some t-shirts at the Gap - two womens one's and two men's ones. I'm quite surprised they've cut their prices a lot. Each shirt was £8 which by Gap standards is way cheap! We walked about Sauchiehall street which had a couple huge, wonderful old art deco styled theaters which I didn't get a photo of because I didn't have my camera and we couldn't get back to, but it reminded me of Doug's post about old theaters and their charms and these were perfect examples of the same nostalgia. We also bought me a new diamond ring - the replacement for the one I'd lost in November. So I am sporting some bling! It's not huge, ostentatious or obscene by any stretch, but it has some choice diamonds - I couldn't find a flaw under scope, and the colour is brilliant and the sucker sparkles like nothing else. Besides, I have small fingers so anything bigger would look silly and I'll need to keep room there for the eternity ring that I want.

We had dinner at Loon Fung which was amazing - the food was really good. Decorated in so much Chinese kitsch it was dazzling to the mind; dragons and pheasants with glowing red eyes, stencils on the mirror of ancients dressed peoples doing dainty, polite things, every wall had a TV or projection of a Chinese soap opera, complete with advertising, which then turned into a music show. Service was wonderful and they had an eight foot long lobster tank - the first one I've seen in this country. The kids were mesmerized by the lobsters (Shorty called them "Monsters") and entertained by the TV. The best ribs we've ever had.

The loft was a fantastic apartment. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large open planliving/dining/kitchen. The kids found the openness great fun and just ran back and forth for ages. It annoyed us a lot so we told them to cut it out. Then began the jumping on the beds, locking themselves into closets (which I didn't mind as much until the crying started) and pretty much being wild monsters.

It was a noisy night outside too and it took ages for the kids to settle down, not to mention the husband. The next day we planned on some shopping, wandering and a visit to the Science museum. It was really good, on three levels and had an Omni theatre. Shorty had never been to a theater before so she was blown away! So much so she fell asleep on my lap. Better than crying hysterics.

Saturday night was a rush to get in before the clubbing crowd came into town and the streets were full of drunken smokers outside pubs. We could happily watch them from our windows making-out in doorways and puke on pavements - oh the joys of city life!! At 1am started the motorcycle races! That, we didn't like so much as even double glazing didn't stop the 200cc noise invasion.

Sunday morning was a lazy rush to pack up again and get out - nothing opens until 11am and we were up at 7...well I was up at 7, everyone else was able to sleep in. Then packed up, say goodbye and out for another busy fun day at the Kelvinhall museum and Museum of Transportation which, blessedly enough are right across the street from each other. Lots of fun climbing up onto the old trams, which were beautiful with old polished wood, stained glass and leather seats - no wonder the good old days were good when there were beautiful things everywhere. Gorgeous old cars, caravans and a replica city street lined with cars and shop fronts, and even included a wee theater you could sit in and watch Bugs Bunny cartoons.

Kelvinhall museum was really nice, small exhibit rooms and lots of touch and learn things for the kids. The worst coffee ever! But there was a dinosaur skeleton, an Elvis and a mummy on loan from London. (I'm rushing this, I know...)

We walked back to the train station - Glasgow trains are the easiest in the world as the subway only goes in a circle through the city, so you have a train going on the inside circle, and the outside circle. They are also rather small trains, if you're over 6 foot you'll probably have to stoop at some point.

What I love about Glasgow is the people are wonderful. They smile at you, they laugh with you, they are helpful and generous. They love kids, and they all seem to have a natural sense of humour. The complete opposite of Edinburgh. Sassy was saying how much she loved Galsgow and she'd like to live there, which broke her Dad's heart a bit at first. But I think by the end of it, he was happier with her statement. It means she had a great vacation, she loved what he'd done for us, and she's keen to experience it again. It's not quite the same as kid who says they want to live in Disney World, because there's a constant "amusement" to Disney, but the city was just a wonder, and she loved it for it's beauty, business, friendly people and the free ice cream they gave out in Buchanan Square.

We will go again. Click for pictures as I thought all the pics I loaded up would stall loading of the blog page.


Michael said...

Your words capture just how I feel about that magnificent city. Thank you ever so much for all of your wonderful pictures too. I'm starting to feel homesick for the UK now.

Maja said...

Wow sounds like a great little family holiday. I can't look at your pics cause flickr is banned at work but I will when I get home next week.

Ross & Nic said...

AAh yes, the glorious glasgow night life. Glad to hear the Kelvinhall museum's a hit, that didn't open in time for us to check it out before our travels started. Speaking of which, thanks for stopping by on our blog and leaving a comment, though you flatter me, I am not a travel writer, sadly no expenses for us.

Michael, tried to send you an email, not sure if it reached you though.

Blazngfyre said...


I've always wanted to travel to Glasgow, and now I want to go there even more!
It sounds like y'all had a FABULOUS holiday!

Thank you for shring such beautiful pictures Lyvvie, and that ring? GORGEOUS!
I'm not a big fan of gigantic rings either, and that one is a stunner!
Lucky girl! :)

Chunks said...

I'm glad you had a great time and your snaps are just awesome! I would love to go over to that part of the world some day. If it weren't for that damn ocean to fly over, it wouldn't be so intimidating!

Lyvvie said...

Iceland air makes it much easier, and from Nova Scotia it'd be mostly land you flew over. A couple hours up until Reykjavik and then a few hours to Glasgow international. Probably a five hour flight in all. And Reykjavik is a really nice airport, and awesome to fly over where you see the volcanic pools and glaciers.

unless it's just flying in general you despise then Ahoy Matey take ye a boat and quit yer gurning!