Friday, June 08, 2007

Away!! Hooray!!

I'm going away this morning to Glasgow!! So I'll not be around. You folks type up lots of posts to flood my poor head with for Monday and I'll get lots of pictures and post them up for you to be all jealous over. Deal??

*happy dance* *skip* *sing* *joy*

Some links for Glasgow:

Rab C Nesbitt - Can you figure out what he's saying??

High Life - They didn't make enough Part Two Part Three

Paint Bomb

Political clowns

someone's travellog


Michael said...

Enjoy! Looking forward to seeing those pics.

Blazngfyre said...


But looking forward to ALL the pics and stories!

Enjoy & good luck!

NWJR said...

Watched the Glasgow video with my daughter this morning. Thanks so much for passing that on!

(She was upset that she didn't have a video camera when she visited your lovely country...)