Friday, June 29, 2007

Few days to go...

The Race For Life is on Sunday and I'm all kinds of excited! I'm hoping I'll finish in good time, but more importantly is that I finish. I'll be so annoyed with myself if I don't finish it and quit to walk. I shouldn't be but dammit I will.

I've made my goal of £150 (Thanks Mom! And everyone else!!) and that's just online donations. I've made another £70 from begging around town and bullying people out of fivers and whatever change they have in their pockets. I'm really proud of that.

Now. Those straighteners I ordered were out of stock and haven't arrived. Now I'm wondering if I should bother. So tell me - do I suit straight hair or should I not waste my money on super awesome straighteners?

2906 Or is curly best?


Thoroughly enjoying S is for Silence by Sue Grafton. I hope it ends on such a great note too. the woman is amazing. She can write in a way that even though I've not read her stories for a few years, it feels like I was with Kinsey only last week.

I hope you have a brilliant weekend. Pray for sunshine on Sunday for me...forcast is thundershowers. We say pishaw on your thunderstorms.

Monday, June 25, 2007

SBD; the uninspired post.

Oh I want to be in on the smart bitchery; I really do. but I've been not reading much lately. I'm still on Niccolo Rising. I read a few chapters, go back, read them's been like that. I have lists of things I want to read, there a queue of "Read me!" s waiting for my attention, but until I get through this tome - which I am enjoying! don't get me wrong - they'll just have to wait. Even longer once Deathly Hallows comes out because that'll be a double read through before I even consider getting near any kind of media transmitting source.
I'd like to read a couple more Cruisie books, the last two Sue Grafton alphabet mysteries, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jed Rubenfeld, Alexander McCall smith, and there's one more, but I can't remember what it's called other than it has "physics" in the title and there's a big blue butterfly on the cover but it's about a girl who tries to solve a murder mystery. I think it was her mom that died...I don't remember but I remember liking the blurb on the back enough to make a note to get it someday. Shame I didn't think to remember any of the words on the cover other than physics. HEY lookit that - do a search on the word physics and it was the first choice to come up! Weird eh? I figured there'd be lots of books with physics or about physics that would take precedence.

With summer vacation on its way I may get more time to read while letting the kids run wild in the green, but I dunno. I could just get rid of the TV, but as we just upgraded the satellite subscription to get some movie channels we aren't going to do that - plus the kids would go into Nick Jr. withdrawals that'll be a serious bitch.

I do want to post this fabulous website that Maja sent me several days ago. Please enjoy. I quite like the after effects of the nightcream myself. Oddly enough, when I went to view the prices the page wouldn't load - is it all a fun hoax?!

And to wrap, I'll do Kate's meme. The rules are:

161 & 5 Book Meme from Darla
1. Grab the book closest to you
2. Open it to page 161
3. Find the fifth full sentence
4. Post the text of the sentence to your blog
5. Don't search around for the coolest book you have, use the one that is really next to you

Nearest book is one I took out three weeks ago from the library but haven't read yet. Yes I renewed it, so no narcing me, ok? It's SweetMeat by Luke Sutherland so here goes...

Next night, I got woken by a commotion on deck.

Not all that exciting, but line number four is far better...

I thought of Roosevelt when the three flaming, crimson hearts drifted past on a golden barge. Roosevelt and Beatrice.

Perhaps I should read that soon, as it needs to go back on the 2nd of July.

Don't forget to visit Bodacious Beth. Our SBD hostess. I love Beth. I really do. Only she can make me laugh about Ross Perot.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh dear...

I have been neglecting my blog - where has the time gone this week?! Sad thing is I don't even have time to post much this morning. so some updates:

Sassyface's party was a success, even though only three kids came and one was a wee jerk who got huffy because he didn't win at bowling and then refused to eat anything at Pizza Hut, until of course everyone was served, then he decided he was hungry. We're not having him back.

Bowling alleys are very different than I remember. This one had disco lights rolling and flashing all over the place, and light up lanes so the lights follow the ball, and neon colored balls, loud music, MTV on the screen and it automatically tallied up everyone's scores. It also had pop-up bumpers so none of the kids could get a gutter ball and a launch thing the kids could aim and roll their balls down the alley. No more silly Sumo shots.

Husband and I have both started a version South Beach diet. Six small meals a day, lots of protein, very limited carbs, tons of vegetables. So far so good; no starving and no wild cravings.

I've started a new weights routine, only I don't do as many curls and swap in some triceps work instead - obviously a routine by a guy looking "big guns". Also I do lunges instead of one leg calf raises. I've also added an extra day of workouts and a night-time run once the kids are in bed, only for about 25 minutes. But it's really doing the business keeping my metabolism ticking. the big thing I've noticed: I'm warm a lot. It has nothing to do with summer, it's completely the internal furnace. Burn baby burn!

I've spent a lot of time in complete focus on getting Shorty Toilet trained. No nappies during the day - I don't care how many outfits she pees through. Pull-ups are for sleeping only. "I want to be the baby in a nappy!" "You can be a big girl in cotton pants in the day, and a baby at night." It's starting to work - persist persist persist with a hint of insist. I thought we'd had this all done ages ago but she had other ideas and I gave up thinking, she's just not ready, don't push it. But she's three now and I'm going to push a little. I know she can do it, now she needs to figure that out too. Yesterday was out first perfect day - however she still forgets to poo on the toilet. So I buy store brand extra cheap pack of five underpants and throw out the poopie ones - life's too short to clean crap from someone's drawers.

Sassy has earned a bronze and a silver star for her excellent behaviour at school. Four more to go and she gets gold and a huge reward. This isn't gold star on a chart stuff, this is big school award stuff. We're psyched that she's finally showing some signs of being driven to achieve a goal, and we'll take her out for a treat this weekend to celebrate her silver star but I think there's going to have to be a super big prize for her if she gets the Gold. We're really proud. She's also cut down on the tantrums and is doing amazingly well in school - she's like a completely different kid from a couple months ago. I don't know what clicked in her head, but thank God it did.

My Father in law is doing very well and will be coming back home soon. It's been very hard with him being ill these past six months but finally they seem to have figured it all out. He's going to need some physiotherapy because he's had muscle wastage, but his mind is sound.

We've had a lot of good lately.

Friday, June 15, 2007

SassyFace's Birthday...

Is on Sunday. This year Husband must share his special day with his beloved first born. He doesn't mind really, and it's not the last time it'll happen either.

For this year we decided to have a SMALL party. I told her she could invite four friends. That later turned into five friends. I can manage five friends. It's fine. I've booked a mini-bus to take us all so we don't have to worry about drop off/pick up issues and it's safest. I've booked a couple lanes at the bowling alley and the kids and adults (if any choose to hang around) can have a game too. I've also booked a table at Pizza Hut for lunch. Should be great!

Yesterday one of the moms comes over and mentions her son has coeliac disease. Pizza Hut isn't really gluten free so she'll let him bring a lunchbox with him. I agreed but after thinking about it I felt bad for the kid - having to bring his own lunch to a birthday party, not being able to have any cake. So I thought I'd bake a gluten free cake. I saw his mum today and mentioned it - she suggested a brand and seemed happy with the idea. It's also egg free so it'll be great for Shorty too, two allergies in one cake. I've even researched a really nice chocolate marshmallow frosting that is vegan/coeliac friendly. So, for five kids, there will be two cakes: one from Costco which each child will receive a slab to share with their family, and the allergy free cake.

Just had a birthday party cancellation...chicken pox. BUT It's ok and we'll go swing by her house and bring her her party bag and big slab of cake because she's really disappointed about not going. SO, now I have too much stuff, not enough kids and I still have to go to the shops and buy gluten free cake stuff because, nyah, I volunteered to bake a freaking gluten free cake. BUT as I'm walking with Sassyface on the way home after school, she says "I don't need a cake really because Pizza Hut has the Sundae Station where we can have lots of ice cream!" SO in the fridge, right now is a Costco cake to serve twenty, and I'm making a cake for the allergy kids and NO ONE WILL WANT CAKE BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING ICE CREAM STATION?!

I'm going to have a meltdown.

Then, we have to put her bike together.

I did buy gin today. Oh yes.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Right now...

I'm roasting a large amount of peppers in the oven. They must be in peak season just now as they are huge and cost only .39pence. So I bought, uhm, a dozen. I will roast them up, make sauce with them and freezer it up for the summer. I'm stock piling.

I am home. I've taking this week off from the gym. Not because I want to but because with Sassy's birthday I couldn't budget it in this week. I get paid tomorrow and all will be back to normal next week. I figured The money would be better spent spoiling myself in Glasgow. I have not, however, taken a break. I have been doing my Tae-Bo DVDs, much to the amusement of the Short Child. Billy Blanks makes my abs ache ache ache! But I love his workouts.

I am also doing laundry. A load of darks if you care to know. Following that will be a load of brights. Then I'm done with laundry. Then again, I still haven't folded the clothes I washed and dried yesterday. I often wish I had Hermoine's talking organizer to urge me on to not put off until tomorrow...

So last week was the last episode of Ugly Betty, and last night was the last episode of The Apprentice UK style (which is so much better than the US one as Trump is a dick and Sir Allan is awesome)

I am drinking white tea. Evidently it's the new green tea. I like it MUCH better than green or black tea. For one, no matter how long you steep it, it never gets bitter. Which means, I don't have to add milk to it. This is the first tea I've ever been able to drink black. And don't go thinking I'm some wuss drinker because I like my coffee black, no sugar no nothing. Coffee black is fine, tea black is awful! But white tea served black is rather good. It still has all the antioxidant goodness and metabolism boosting too, and it's lower caffeine. I love it.

I'm wearing a sweater that I don't like very much but don't want to throw away because people tell me it looks nice on me. I think the next charity shop clearout we have this sweater will be in the bag.

I'm listening to Shorty make obscenely loud pig-snort noises while she sings the theme to Peppa Pig. I'm worried she'll give herself a hemorrhage if she oinks so loud all the time. And she is loud. I pity her future husband who has to try and sleep with the noise this child makes, if it's an indication of her snoring ability.

I'm making spicy bean burgers for lunch. With salad.

I'm waiting for delivery of a package I ordered on Tuesday which includes a new flat iron. I keep being told my hair looks so much better straight than curly (talk to God about it, the curls are in the genetics (almost said genes which would've been rude. funny but rude) and I shouldn't care, but, fuck-it) the other items are Max Factor mascara and lipgloss, pull-up pants that were on special and a bottle of men's cologne that Husband may like. If he doesn't then I might. I am not above wearing men's cologne if it smells nice.

Now that I'm talking about cologne, I've had to pop up a tab and internet search colognes.

Don't know why but I took a bunch of pictures of my eye. *shrug*

I am avoiding the news today. Don't want to read/hear/see any more bad news about Maddie McCann.

I'm annoyed that my two front teeth are different colours. They're not real (broke my real ones when I was nine, diving in the shallow end. Just don't do it.) and have been re-done by two different dentists in the past five years. I really, and only for the sake of vanity, want to have them done properly so I look normal again. The yellower one was done by an angry dentist who was annoyed I smoked and made my teeth much yellower than they really were. Then she left her dentist practice. I broke my right front tooth again in 2004 (by getting it stuck in the prongs of a fork - don't bite your fork, just don't do it.) and I have now two different coloured teeth.

This has made me laugh out loud, and I'm not a laugh out loud kind of person. Husband has told me I can't read Evil Editor's blog while he's watching TV as my LOLs are annoyingly distracting. But the image of Jack Lalanne... (who's in his 90's now.)

That's all I feel like sharing for now. Because time never stands still, I could write an ongoing description of right now, forever. And I can't do that.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You heard it here first!

The Room of Requirement is now open on J.K.!! you can take your third wombat test, where there are some hidden thought provoking questions - like what's the counter curse for the Cruciatus curse? Are we going to see Harry going into some intense Auror training with Mad-eye Moody now Dumbledore is gone?

Rowling says two characters die in this last book - who will they be? I personally don't think she'll kill off anyone in the trilogy of Hermione, Ron and Harry. I think it'll be Hagrid and Voldemort. Hagrid because now Dumbledore is gone, he'll go a bit off the rails, drown his sorrows in the pub and become angry, vengeful and...make himself far to vulnerable. I could be wrong! He could rise above, wake up to realities and strike out! But his wizarding skills are weak and he's been very protected by Dumbeldore all of his life. I'm going with grief induced foolishness of doom.

Also there's a tizzy about the fact that Salazar Slytherin is the wizard of the month, wearing a SILVER locket - not gold. We all thought it was gold didn't we....yeah you did, don't lie. In OOTP when they're clearing out the Black family heirlooms and they mention a locket that no one could open...was that one described as gold or silver? Can you remember? I can't so you'll have to go check.

Actually, now I think on it, with the new book out in 37 days I should re-read the OOTP and THBP just so I'm all refreshed and up to date and not missing any tidbits of information that my lazy skimming brain may have leapt over.

If you've never been to JK Rowling's site before have lots of fun as there are about 10 easter eggs to find - I'll give you one, type PEEVES (733837) into the telephone.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Glasgow Weekend!

We had a wonderful time. We got to the Glasgow Lofts early but they were great and let us park the car in their private parking lot and then just wander about the city. We did a bit of shopping and I finally bought some t-shirts at the Gap - two womens one's and two men's ones. I'm quite surprised they've cut their prices a lot. Each shirt was £8 which by Gap standards is way cheap! We walked about Sauchiehall street which had a couple huge, wonderful old art deco styled theaters which I didn't get a photo of because I didn't have my camera and we couldn't get back to, but it reminded me of Doug's post about old theaters and their charms and these were perfect examples of the same nostalgia. We also bought me a new diamond ring - the replacement for the one I'd lost in November. So I am sporting some bling! It's not huge, ostentatious or obscene by any stretch, but it has some choice diamonds - I couldn't find a flaw under scope, and the colour is brilliant and the sucker sparkles like nothing else. Besides, I have small fingers so anything bigger would look silly and I'll need to keep room there for the eternity ring that I want.

We had dinner at Loon Fung which was amazing - the food was really good. Decorated in so much Chinese kitsch it was dazzling to the mind; dragons and pheasants with glowing red eyes, stencils on the mirror of ancients dressed peoples doing dainty, polite things, every wall had a TV or projection of a Chinese soap opera, complete with advertising, which then turned into a music show. Service was wonderful and they had an eight foot long lobster tank - the first one I've seen in this country. The kids were mesmerized by the lobsters (Shorty called them "Monsters") and entertained by the TV. The best ribs we've ever had.

The loft was a fantastic apartment. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large open planliving/dining/kitchen. The kids found the openness great fun and just ran back and forth for ages. It annoyed us a lot so we told them to cut it out. Then began the jumping on the beds, locking themselves into closets (which I didn't mind as much until the crying started) and pretty much being wild monsters.

It was a noisy night outside too and it took ages for the kids to settle down, not to mention the husband. The next day we planned on some shopping, wandering and a visit to the Science museum. It was really good, on three levels and had an Omni theatre. Shorty had never been to a theater before so she was blown away! So much so she fell asleep on my lap. Better than crying hysterics.

Saturday night was a rush to get in before the clubbing crowd came into town and the streets were full of drunken smokers outside pubs. We could happily watch them from our windows making-out in doorways and puke on pavements - oh the joys of city life!! At 1am started the motorcycle races! That, we didn't like so much as even double glazing didn't stop the 200cc noise invasion.

Sunday morning was a lazy rush to pack up again and get out - nothing opens until 11am and we were up at 7...well I was up at 7, everyone else was able to sleep in. Then packed up, say goodbye and out for another busy fun day at the Kelvinhall museum and Museum of Transportation which, blessedly enough are right across the street from each other. Lots of fun climbing up onto the old trams, which were beautiful with old polished wood, stained glass and leather seats - no wonder the good old days were good when there were beautiful things everywhere. Gorgeous old cars, caravans and a replica city street lined with cars and shop fronts, and even included a wee theater you could sit in and watch Bugs Bunny cartoons.

Kelvinhall museum was really nice, small exhibit rooms and lots of touch and learn things for the kids. The worst coffee ever! But there was a dinosaur skeleton, an Elvis and a mummy on loan from London. (I'm rushing this, I know...)

We walked back to the train station - Glasgow trains are the easiest in the world as the subway only goes in a circle through the city, so you have a train going on the inside circle, and the outside circle. They are also rather small trains, if you're over 6 foot you'll probably have to stoop at some point.

What I love about Glasgow is the people are wonderful. They smile at you, they laugh with you, they are helpful and generous. They love kids, and they all seem to have a natural sense of humour. The complete opposite of Edinburgh. Sassy was saying how much she loved Galsgow and she'd like to live there, which broke her Dad's heart a bit at first. But I think by the end of it, he was happier with her statement. It means she had a great vacation, she loved what he'd done for us, and she's keen to experience it again. It's not quite the same as kid who says they want to live in Disney World, because there's a constant "amusement" to Disney, but the city was just a wonder, and she loved it for it's beauty, business, friendly people and the free ice cream they gave out in Buchanan Square.

We will go again. Click for pictures as I thought all the pics I loaded up would stall loading of the blog page.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Away!! Hooray!!

I'm going away this morning to Glasgow!! So I'll not be around. You folks type up lots of posts to flood my poor head with for Monday and I'll get lots of pictures and post them up for you to be all jealous over. Deal??

*happy dance* *skip* *sing* *joy*

Some links for Glasgow:

Rab C Nesbitt - Can you figure out what he's saying??

High Life - They didn't make enough Part Two Part Three

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Political clowns

someone's travellog

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Going well...

Remember when I said that because of the grunge/heroin chic look was destined to come back into fashion and I jokingly said I was going to begin a diet to become superslim? Yeah? Well I decided that not to joke and actually did begin a diet. And I've lost 7 lbs already.

You know, all those diets that say "You can eat as much as you want and still lose weight!" are liars, right. It's just not reality. You cannot pig out on healthy food and lose weight: it's impossible. The body works on a balance system - hence "balanced diet" is actually sensible. You eat food, you ingest calories, you burn calories. Whatever calories you don't burn gets made into fat. Easy. You want to burn your fat stores you have to ingest less calories and force the body to use it's fat stores. This means that no matter what diet you're on, if you want to actually succeed at losing weight you will feel some level of hunger.

The balance of hunger to excess is tricky. Some folks, like me, can't handle hunger pains. I hate them. I double over with them sometimes and that's even after eating only a few hours previously. I never let hunger become dizzy spells or exhaustion, that's just stupid. You'll shut your body down, kill your metabolism and gain weight in the end. I remember Jane Fonda talking about how when she was a young actress, she starved for thinness as was the fashion in the 60's. She said that even eating an apple caused her to gain weight. That's a fucked up metabolism. That's why she became something of an exercise junkie, to allow herself to eat better.

When I'm in a lose weight mode I'll restrict to 1000-1300 calories per day. Breakfast is a fruit smoothie - a big one mind, two glasses worth/roughly 18oz. in which I'll have half a pineapple, an apple, a banana and a handful of of mixed (frozen) berries. This will vary of course, some days I'll put an orange in, or whatever fruit was on sell-by-date discount at the grocery store. Then I'm in the gym for two hours and my workouts burn between 1000-1300 calories (hence the food targets). I'll get home and have lunch which lately has been a bag of fresh portioned veg that I can microwave in the bag for three minutes that I'll have with half a bag of mixed herb salad and some light thousand island dressing, or fajita spice. I'll have a normal dinner with my family but I'll have a smaller portion than normal, I'll eat the same amount as my kids (Last night was ginger beef teriyaki with sugar-snap peas, red peppers and onions with sticky rice). No snacks. No crap. Drink lots of water. I like hot water mixed with lemon. For some reason hot drinks eases a hunger better then a cold one does.

Here's where everyone shouts "Foul!". On gym days, I take ephedrine tablets. Oh there ya go, shout cheat at me all you want but fuck-it: it works! Have I read all the information? - yes. Do I know all the side effects? - yes. Am I taking low dose? - yes. Does it really help in weight loss? - yes. I use it to keep my motivation and energy up when in the gym. I don't use it all day; it has a 6-8 hour effect on the body, although it's suggested to use twice a day, I only use it once. My heart rate is increased by 10-12 BPM while at it's peak. I heaven't had any side effects except a bit of jitters that would be the same if I'd taken No-Doz tabs before going to the gym (which I used to do but suffered with serious muscle tension.)

So now I've been doing this for a week and it's going well. Not even a challenge, well not too bad. I didn't have any stressful build-up telling myself "The diet begins on Monday!" I just decided to do it. The downside will come with the Diet Trolls. You know who they are. they're the ones who pay close attention, are supportive and friendly until the day they bring you food. They always come with cake, sweets or your favourite naughtiness whatever it may be. Resisting is hard because these people tend to love you, and you love them, or at least like them a bit. You don't want to say no and hurt their feelings. You don't want to say no and be accused of being no fun, either. Other Trolls are even in the gym - the bitches who talk about food while you're on the elliptical - how mean!! Resisting the Trolls is hard.

Training for the 5K on July 1st is going great! I'm running it in good time and my feet aren't suffering too badly so all good all round. I've not made my money target yet, so if you've not donated yet - give it some thought. It's for charity after all!! Just follow the link up the right corner of the blog.

We're going away this weekend! I'm very excited. We're not going far, but to someplace I've never been - Glasgow! We've taken a flat for the weekend and will tour the city, museums and touristy fun stuff. It'll be great. Things to see are the Burrell collection, Museum of Transportaion and there's tons more, just look through the site on those links. Husband has chosen most of the locations - I'm just happy to get away. I'll be scouring the house, as I hate to come back from a trip and find chores still left to do.

Off to the gym now...

Monday, June 04, 2007


I've been online shopping all day trying to find a few shirts for the summer that I like. It's proving fucking impossible!! The tops are all normal t-shirts, which I can't wear because after a few washes they all creep up my belly and become half-shirts, or they're these shirt-dress monstrosities which I refuse to wear. I'm too young for a fucking mini-muu-muu!! I'm not going to flash my belly, buttcrack or completely obscure by way of shirtskirt. Everything is either too big, too small or sold out.

I'm left with the option of buying mens fitted t-shirts in a tall. That will give me the required length without giving me voluminous material at the waist. But I don't like wearing men's clothes. I've spent a large amount of my life in men's clothes, because women's clothes fall short...usually a half inch above my belly button. This is the curse of large breasts!!

So, Gap, men's fitted tees. I guess. In boring basic colours. I demand sympathy!! Now, or I get a breast reduction...and not one of us wants that now do we?!

Friday, June 01, 2007

random things...

I spent an hour the other night despairing over the state of my skin. I got so frustrated that I got out the zit popper thing and tried to get rid of a couple of blackheads - and I never get blackheads which is why I was upset. I then discovered they weren't blackheads at all but new freckles. I must increase my use of sunblock and buy a big hat.

I'm very disappointed with current fashions. I don't like these long blousy tops. I also hate capri pants. I hate stretch jeans. I am stuck in the 90's and want faded holey levis, white tee-shirt and sport jacket - once upon a time a woman could wear that and not look like a man. You could wear whatever shoes you wanted. The problem is - let's be honest - the next big thing to come back into fashion is going to be grunge and heroine chic - don't be shocked it's obvious. I'm going to start stocking up on XL flannel shirts, denim shorts and try and find me a pair of Army surplus black boots. starvation diet begins tomorrow as does my buying stock in kohl. Why does fashion suck so bad?!

I was watching a little bit of Oprah - which I don't normally do anymore because Oprah is really far up her own butt now. I liked Oprah in the 80's and 90's but for some reason turning 50 made her into a snore-bore know-it-all. As if turning 50 was a graduation into wise-woman-crone. Anyways, she was talking about how African Americans have tendencies toward high blood pressure. She said "African American" so many times it seemed ridiculous. It's not just African Americans you's African Australians, African Japanese, African Italians, African Britons, African you see where I'm going with this? African American isn't a description of race. Are white people born in Africa called Caucasian Africans? Someone born in Africa in African - but they don't necessarily have to have dark skin. The thing is, I don't think anywhere else in the world uses the term "African" before a country of origin to specify one's race. Most places just say black that bad now? I honestly think if African American didn't have such an easy alliteration it wouldn't be used.

Does anyone else remember the episode of Barney Miller (I get goosebumps from the bass line of the opening music on that show) where Ron Glass's character Ron Harris was researching his family tree and was desperate to find his African connection but he got back a few hundred years and could only find his family in Scotland?

I've tried looking around the internet to see if the term "black people" is now racist, but I can't find anything. But I did find this nugget of interest and I think it's genius. When misconception and societal boundaries collide. Nothing like smacking up stereotypes together and having a party. The best part about it is: Is it racist?? Debate. Oh, and my favourite quote from the letters section "I love the website. It highlights another interesting phenomenon that happens whenever I answer people about my ethnicity. Seems whenever I tell interested folks I'm a Native American, they always state they're part Cherokee. I'm sure the Cherokee nation had a toga fest and shagged all the white folks. Get real America."

And last of all is that my hair absolutely refuses to be straight even after a torture session with the scalding hot flat irons - I see steam with every pass and really that can't be good. Even after the irons, and a forced session with a hat to ensure flatness, I got straight, sleek hair and then it began to rain. All efforts shot to hell in a matter of minutes.

I'm going to listen to Barney Miller one more time and then do my laundry.