Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I'm not too interested in blogging this week. What can I talk about? That I feel fat? that I feel old? That I'm looking middle age in the face and not finding it any kind of milestone, more of an annoying reminder that "You've not put in enough effort in this life. You're bordering on a C in life experience." Who wasn't a satisfactory life? I mean It's ok but I want the A grade life. Mediocrity is poo.

So, it's one of those hormonal, fat, crappy, mooooody days. I want to suck down poisonous amounts of diet cola and eat my weight in chocolate.

I haven't been reading Niccolo's Rising. I got a bit bored. I went to the library yesterday and bought a few withdrawn from stock books that looked interesting. Let's see...what are they again? *shuffle across the room* ok, there's Lucy Talk by Fiona Walker, The Artist's Way At Work which is a collaborative work that'll show me how to find creative freedom in twelve weeks. It has Chinese dragons on the cover which I kind of liked. The other two books were for SassyFace; Faust Eric by Terry Pratchett, it's a Discworld book, and The Cat Who could Read Backwards by L.J.Braun. I also borrowed - which I actually do occasionally - The Mermaid and the Drunks by Ben Richards and SweetMeat by Luke Sutherland. I don't know why, they just grabbed my attention.

Tonight I'll be watching The Apprentice and playing on HogwartsLive

after that I'm sure there will be sleep, possibly a shower.

It's all a bit poo, like I said.


Michael said...

Read Eric, that'll cheer you up.

And stay away from my sister. She tells lies :)

Chunks said...

Haveth thou some chocolate. Everything is going to be allright. It's just your hormones. They can be silenced with copious amounts of chocolate.

Lyvvie said...

chocolate. Yes. I'll remember that next time the eggs and peanut butter call my name.