Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Book! New Book!

...I got a New Book and it was Free!! Further promotion of Kate Rothwell/Summer Devon's book contest, if you haven't already gone to Kate's Site and told her you'd love to get one of her published works for free then - Why You so Stoopid?! (Raina what have you done to me?!) Get going and get your free book already! Geeeez! You only have until the 9th of July, and not only will you get a free book (JOY!!) but you'll be entered into a contest to win even more with a prize of a gift certificate to some bookstore near you (up to $60 worth - that'll be some good Summer Reading!)

I got Futurelove, which Doug talked about a wee while ago and I thought "giggle giggle snerk - sounds like fun!" (and that was mostly for the penis check chart he includes at the end - no seriously, go read it it's great. You never read book reviews like this in magazines which is a crime.)

So I'll be reading my sin ridden ebook this weekend - are you going to be reading one too??


Michael said...

No sin or books or anything for me this weekend. Just work :(

NWJR said...

The "Kate's Site" link leads to your site, dear.


Lyvvie said...

All fixed! You can go get free books with naughty sexy stuff in it, now. Thanks for the heads up Rich.

Lyvvie said...

Sin ridden book was GOOD! But only 105 pages so I finished it in a couple hours. But the fact I didn't bother to print it and read it off the monitor is a big deal!

SBD for Futurelove will be posted Monday the 14th of May.