Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Shorty!!

Shorty is Three years old today!! I managed to make her a cake - which was a challenge because of her egg and milk allergies, and she got some lovely dresses from her Daddy - which she asked for. She got a baby doll and a stroller (I'm not a fan of these toys but the kid loves them!) a collection of books, a Fairy Princess activity pack and a baby genius DVD from Auntie Teresa. Here's some pictures of her in her new dresses.

This is getting no fun now.Am I smiling?I don't want to smile anymore.PICT0042

She doesn't do photos well - she thinks she's smiling but then she's not. She also argues that sitting is better than standing - yeah you'll see the dress better that way - and she began to cry and the fun was gone.

Anyways - my baby isn't such a baby anymore. Pardon me while I cry in my coffee...someone give me chocolate already!


Michael said...

Happy Birthday Shorty! And happy Mother's Day Lyvvie.

Nancy J. Bond said...

She sure is a cutie. :) My baby girl's birthday is today.

Blazngfyre said...


Time flies doesn't it?
Poot turned 2 last month, and The boy is already 12!

Ok, now i'm depressed.
I need chocolate too ...
or maybe a gellibaff.

Chunks said...

Shortie is cute, she looks like my neice did at that age! Hope you had a wonderful Mothers' Day!

Sylvana said...

Happy belated Birthday Shortie! Those are some very lovely dresses for such a lovely girl.

It seems like just last year that mine was three - now he's 14!
Savor the moments, Lyvvie.