Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bring back, bring back, bring back my body to me to meee!

I always though that song was body and wondered why the guy's body was lost - obviously he's a tormented ghost or something. I thought it was a pirate's song. Note my disappointment to find out it was a song about some woman named Bonnie. I like my version better.

I had a bad curry on Sunday. I bought it because I didn't want to cook and figured a store bought one would be fine. It was one of the family take-away packs complete with two curries, rice, naan bread and Bombay potato. It was gross. It was fatty, greasy, thick and flavourless. Yet we ate it. I've been regretting that decision for the past two days.

I'll summarize the problem with: I stink. I've been bloated, gassy and oh dear lord my toilet time is eye watering. My body does not like that much fat in it's food, and the greasy curry has been slicking through me with a vengeance. I belch bad curry, I sweat bad curry, I pooh bad curry. It was a bad curry. I've never used so much air freshener in my life.

I'm now skittish about curries and have had stir-fry for the past two nights, home made, by me. I'm stuffing myself with fiber and warm, watered down fruit juice to clear out all the bad. Finally this morning, I'm not smelly.

I've not been out of the house for two days. Not because I stink, but more because Shorty has a cold and has been sneezing non stop. Poor kid! I think it's allergies. She's not got any discolored nastiness coming out her nose, but she's exhausted from the sneezing and coughing. She seems better this morning too.

So she's better. I'm better. We're going to the gym today. Yes, I really am. Even though I'm tired, run down, feel like stink without the stink, I'm still going. There's no real reason other than my own laziness and that's a lame excuse for not going and I'm not into lame excuses no matter how whiny the voice in my head cries "I'm so tired!!" Tough. Just tough. We're going.

This tiredness shit is annoying too. I'm your classic morning person. I see sunlight and *BING* I'm up. I used to wake up ten minutes before the alarm clock, wide awake and chipper. Now a days, I'm dreading it all. I barely hear the alarm clock and hide in my bed clinging to the last few faint images of my dreams. I have to be shaken awake in the night by my kids, where they used to only have to roll over in their beds across the hall and I was up, alert and ready for action. What's happened to me? What's going on? And it doesn't matter how early I go to sleep. I could go to bed at nine and still be sloth at seven in the morning. I keep wondering, if left to my own devices, how long would I sleep??

Seriously, I would be happy to survive contentedly on six hours sleep. all the stuff I do in my days, and only six hours sleep. that should be ok. It really should. But I fear this is yet another sign of my age and I don't like it.

So. I guess I should go and dress for the gym then huh. Yup. Here I go.


Laurie said...

nothing worse than bad smelly curry farts.

here's hoping your next one will be a good one. LOL

Thorne said...

Aren't you just cute as a bug's butt! Came by via Doug BallsandWalnuts
(Glad you're feeling better. There is NOTHING worse than bad curry!)

Blazngfyre said...

Oh ... Bad Curry? Oh my ... you poor woman!
Bloated, gassy and smelly ....

I feel for you Lyvvie, I really do!

Sarah said...

I refuse to believe there is such a thing as bad curry. I want Thai food.

Lyvvie said...


tornwordo said...

Poor you. Eye watering toilet time gave me a good chuckle nonetheless.