Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Black Tuesday

I broke the wireless keyboard by knocking my coffee over it. I was turning away from the computer to yell at SassyFace who was, as per usual, not behaving while eating her breakfast; her knees up on the chair, picking her rice crispies out with her fingers and not her spoon, and kicking her sister, and when I turned back my hand hit my coffee mug and spilled right across the keyboard.

She's suffering my wrath and anxiety over how Husband is going to take the news. To my relief he took the news in his stride, I just have to pay for a new one. SassyFace is public enemy number one. One step out of line and she's grounded. And as you may remember, tomorrow is her playdate with the boy-friend. That'll be my leverage to attain a quieter morning.

Currently using the usb keyboard with the too small keypad so I keep hitting capslock every time I want to hit the "a" key. And yes, this is the second Mac keyboard I've spilled coffee on - they really need to make them a bit more robust.


NWJR said...

Since the keyboard's shot anyway, try putting it in the dishwasher. Seriously. You'd be surprised how well this works. If it doesn't dry completely, set it out in the sun (you do get some sun in Scotland, right?).

Let me know if this works--I picked up the tip from someone recently, but haven't yet had to try it myself.

NWJR said...

Oh, did I mention that putting it in the dishwasher isn't enough? You actually have to run the dishwasher, too.


(Yes, I'm being a smartass)

Lyvvie said...

I would try if...if I had a dishwasher. I'm not even sure I know anyone with a dishwasher. And we're having glorious sunshine in the low 60's today!!

chryscat said...

Have you seen those crazy ergonomic keyboards? They tilt your hands up and to the side. *shuddering*
It looks a tab bit obscene.

Maja said...


Michael said...

I tried the dishwasher method after I spit beer down my nose reading a funny story. I still haven't found the 'q' 'f1' and '9' keys but the keyboard is much cleaner. Doesn't work but it looks great. Apart from those missing keys. It was a $10 keyboard so I'm guessing not the most robust item of it's kind available. I've heard it works for others though.

You can get splash-proof keyboards but I don't know if they would survive swimming in all that caffeine goodness.

Lyvvie said...

We've had many keyboards over the years. As we bought the iMac in November, it's the mac white wireless one I've just killed. And like I said, the second one in six months. Both suffered death by coffee.

Husband has run the dead one under the faucet to clean it out and has banged the water droplets out as much as possible (on a soft fluffy white towel so as not to hurt it) with the hopes it'll work once more.

It was still sending a signal to the mac, but was stuck on the "." key and repeated it ad nauseum.

I think one of my favourite keyboards was the inflatable one - it was so quiet! But after a year or so of use the key's ink started to rub off. It was like typing on bubblewrap.

Michael said...

Helps the drying process if you pull it apart some after washing I'm told.

Kate R said...

I did something like that the other day and just turned the thing upsidedown in the dishdrainer. The keys are still sticky but it seems to work. I even use fake creamer in my coffee so it's really freebed. Wasn't a whole cup, though.

Chunks said...

Try spritzing it with rubbing alcohol. And try a fat bottomed coffee mug, they tip less!

Lyvvie said...

I found a friend with a dishwasher! But husband says no, so we can't confirm that story yet Rich - it'll have to remain urban legend. He did run it under cold water from the faucet because a guy at work said that would be ok....difference being what? A cold shower vs a steam bath and sauna? I'd go for the latter - how about you?

I would love one of those crazy ergonomic keyboards now, might help with the kinky wrists I've got to have a kinky keyboard to go with them. crick, crack, click, clack

Sarah said...

I'm sure it would be an impressive show in the microwave?

That is if you want to break your microwave too. :D

Lyvvie said...

Tempting Sarah...I could do with a new microwave....want to come over and watch? Bring a spare set of goggles!

Kate R said...

My youngest and I set a microwave on fire and it was spectacular. We were melting crayons. Baaaaaaaaad idea. By the time the fire went out, the roof and sides of the microwave caved in. Yippee!

Anonymous said...

How about a keyboard skin?

Just a suggestion from your favorite cousin in the states.

BTW - twins are doing great. 7 Weeks!